Explore the Future of ReFi with "The State of ReFi" 2024 Report Breakdown

Dive into Maya Dentzel and Tereza Bizkova's insightful breakdown of "The State of ReFi" 2024 Report, offering a crucial lens on ReFi's challenges and opportunities as we propel towards sustainable innovation.

Explore the Future of ReFi with "The State of ReFi" 2024 Report Breakdown

CARBON Copy and ReFi DAO recently joined forces to publish The State of ReFi Report, giving an overview of existing ReFi efforts as well as the key narratives in the space as of 2024.

Download full report at https://carboncopy.news/

Diving deep into the heart of Regenerative Finance, Maya Dentzel and Tereza Bizkova have broken down the key insights from this pivotal report in ReFi DAO's latest Mirror article. This is a call to action for enthusiasts and sceptics alike to understand the intricate layers and the undeniable potential of ReFi.

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Breaking Down “The State of ReFi” 2024 Report
Regenerative economics, inspired by the work of John Fullerton, Herman Daly, and others, suggests our economy is a living system that can nurture our planet if implemented in the way. With the rise of web3, this concept has found new ground, leading to the birth of regenerative finance (ReFi). While still relatively new, ReFi has become a lively space filled with many projects, approaches, and actors looking to build more sustainable and inclusive economies.