Impact DAO book out now!

What are Impact DAOs? What are they good for? Should you join one?

Impact DAO book out now!

Hello ReFi Nation πŸ‘‹ Β In this community update we share an exciting new resource for those interested in the world of Impact DAOs + some calls to action to rally behind. Lets dive in.

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Setting the Scene 🌱

Web3 is more than the mainstream narrative portrays it to be. For many builders, it’s not about building a better portfolio but building a better world. Nonetheless, mainstream perception is shaped by mainstream media. This book is an attempt to share a different side of story that remains largely untold and unheard, but is already beginning to shape the future.

The origins of this book can be traced to the founding of Ukraine DAO - an organization that seemingly appeared out of nowhere and raised $7 million from 3000 people on the internet thanks to the power of cryptocurrency. The initiative was entirely volunteer-run and made use of almost every web3 tool available to raise funds for Ukrainians suffering the effects of the Russian invasion. The speed at which the DAO was formed and the effectiveness of its execution demonstrated a new, practical way of achieving ambitious goals for the benefit of a large number of people. Individuals combining in cyberspace and around a shared purpose to solve societal-level problems.

DAO raises millions of dollars in crypto to support Ukraine

We live in a time when the world is facing unprecedented global challenges that require radical new thinking and fundamental change. Web3-enabled collectives called 'ImpactDAOs' have the potential to become the norm in helping to solve problems in almost every order of magnitude.

All About Impact DAOs - Out Now πŸŽ‰

Wherever you come from, or whatever causes you care about, there is likely already an ImapctDAO out there for you. If you want to understand more about the space or get more invovled, the definitive guide to Impact DAOs by the amazing Deepa Rocks and ImpactDAO Media is out now. If you’re a complete newbie to the space, or a seasoned Web3 builder, this free online book has insights for all:

Calls to Action

  1. Register your impact DAO:…
  2. Contribute to the development of the book. The book is stored as a repo on Github to allow for easy collaborative auto updates to the rapidly evolving knowledge on Impact DAO.
  3. Show some love to Deepa Rocks for all this amazing research and go subscribe to her Newsletter, or one better, collect her article on Mirror! πŸ‘‡

Other Resources...

  • All About Impact DAOs Podcast: Listen to authentic conversations on ImpactDAO building from founders and contributors of Proof Of Humanity, Gitcoin, Human DAO, GoodDollar, Endaoment and others