ReFi Roundup #6: Aera Force launch, Toucan Builder Hub, Moss governance token

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Aera Force Launches to Invest in ReFi

This week, Aera Force was spun out Aera VC and Gotham Labs as a venture DAO investing at the heart of ReFi.

Aera Force has a 2,000 ETH fund that it is looking to deploy to pre-seed and seed stage projects. Some of the initial goals of the DAO are to:

  1. Build a community to source and evaluate potential investments
  2. Launching a Hackathon with Toucan, Dream DAO and WE3co
  3. Publish a weekly Web3xClimate Ecosystem deep-dive

Between Aera Force and Allegory Labs (check out ReFi Roundup #4), it's safe to say that investor appetite for ReFi is heating up. This is an excellent signal to all of the amazing new projects popping up each week!

Investing In Our Collective ReFi Future
As the world continues to move toward sustainability, we have the power to usher in an entirely new economic system that financially incentivizes preservation, institutes climate justice, and, ultimately, heals the world. Outside of the web3 ecosystem, nations, inter-governmental organizations, and…

Toucan Releases Builder Hub Beta

As the first platform to easily and efficiently bring carbon offsets on-chain, Toucan is a true pioneer of the ReFi movement. Their tools have been used to bring over 20 million carbon credit on-chain, about 5% of Verra's registry! 🀯🀯🀯

Now the company is opening up Toucan infrastructure to all builders through Toucan Builder Hub. The platform offers access to workshops, grants, and other educational resources that will help push the development of carbon infrastructure and the ReFi movement forward. We are incredibly excited to see the awesome projects that come out of this!

🌱 ReFi Bites 🌱

John Ellison drops his "What is Refi?" article

This piece is a culmination of all of the work John has done in ReFi. He does an amazing job breaking down the thesis and three pillars of the movement.

What is ReFi? Part I β€” A tour through the climate crypto rabbit …
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HeliosDAO launches to fund solar development

HeliosDAO launched this week out of SyndicateDAO. The project aims to invest in solar development projects around the world.

Check out this ETHDenver Panel on Regenerative Cryptoeconomics

Leaders from Toucan, Gitcoin, PrimeDAO, Gnosis and BlockScience break it all down for you...

CryptoTrunks and Digital Charity Art team up

CryptoTrunks, the carbon-negative regenerative NFT project, announced a strategic partnership with Digital Charity Art, the team behind Ocean NFTs. The goal of the collaboration is to bring the fundraising power of NFTs to ocean charities.

Moss Governance Token is a go

After the idea was proposed several weeks ago, the Moss governance token project passed with a 90% community vote. The token will be critical as Moss progressively decentralizes over time.

Klima Infinity Flagship Partner Announced

Last week, KlimaDAO announced Klima Infinity, an initiative to bring corporations into the world of ReFi by creating tools that allow them to set carbon reduction goals and purchase on-chain offsets.

On Wednesday, KlimaDAO announced Eco as the flagship partner for Klima Infinity. Eco is a fintech platform backed by the likes of Andreessen Horowitz of Coinbase and Founders Fund, which is aiming to fundamentally change how consumers think about checking and savings accounts. The company is built with crypto at its core, enabling it to cut out the middlemen and pass greater benefits to its customers.

Eco plans to use Klima Infinity to offset its existing and future carbon footprint, including the emissions of its employees.

Eco x KlimaDAO: Incentivizing smart, clean money together

☁️ Outside ReFi ☁️

"Trees" made from microalgae to fight climate change?

A team of scientists from the University of Belgrade in Serbia have developed a rather unique new tool to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. The LIQUID 3 is a "tree" containing 600 liters of water with microalgae that can suck carbon dioxide out of the air and produce oxygen.

The LIQUID 3 has the same carbon reduction potential as about two 10 year old trees, but it is up to 50 times more more efficient. The invention is intended to be used in urban centers where natural solutions are not possible but where air pollution tends to be the worst.

LIQUID 3 was awarded one of the 11 best innovative and climate-smart solutions by the Climate Smart Urban Development project.

How long until the ReFi community spins up "LiquidTreeDAO" to put these things in cities around the world?

A Liquid Tree? Scientists in Serbia Make Incredible Innovation
Planting trees in forests is a commonly used strategy for companies and governments to lower CO2 in the air. But what can we do in dense cities where there’s barely any space for a bush? After all, these urban sites are where the pollution is concentrat

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