The Future of Distributed MRV πŸ”­ πŸ“±| Roundup #52

The latest of decentralized MRV and how it might develop in 2023 + some exciting updates, jobs and events in ReFi and beyond!

The Future of Distributed MRV  πŸ”­ πŸ“±| Roundup #52

Hi Everybody! Β Adam French here to lead the roundup for this week πŸ‘‹ I'm a designer of strategies, brands, and business models, currently working with dMeter and Silvi in the ReFi space and in the early stages of founding Interform - a transformation agency weaving regenerative values, design thinking, and universal principles together to help organizations and their ecosystems evolve.

Here is the roundup for this weekπŸ‘‡

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MRV Needs a Reboot πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’»

The creation of carbon credits, as well as credits for any positive impact you can imagine (clean water, clean energy, biodiversity, recycling, etc..), have the potential to be a critical piece of the puzzle in providing funding for public goods and creating more regenerative economic systems. Yet to date, early manifestations of these types of market have been riddled with problems - from a lack of transparency and integrity, to the proliferation of cheap and low-quality credits. A recent study conducted by the Guardian suggested more than 90% of rainforest carbon offsets by biggest certifier are not having their intended impact!

These issues are slowing the market down and delaying progress in combatting climate change when time is running out. Where do we go from here?

MRV Innovation πŸ™

Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) is the process of collecting, monitoring and verifying data on any impact claim that is made. It is an essential part of the process to overcome the aforementioned issues with carbon credits, yet presently, there are a number of challenges for implementing MRV effectively:

  • Too expensive or complicated for small landholders to participate.
  • Relies on centralized bodies with limited output and are prone to reporting errors.
  • Current methodologies have limited biodiversity and social impact capabilities, creating a lack of justice & equity for indigenous communities.

As a result, there is a critical need for innovation in MRV processes and solutions with support from an array of people and advanced technologies - AI, satellite imagery, drone surveillance, and of course.. blockchain.

Beyond the Buzz: What Can Blockchain Do for Carbon Markets?

Decentralized-ledger technologies such as blockchain have the potential to help increase transparency, reduce transaction costs and combat fraudulent actions such as double counting. As such, lets dive into some awesome projects innovating at the intersection of Web3 & decentralized MRV (dMRV) πŸ‘‡πŸ½

Open Forest Protocol – open and scalable dMRV 🌲

Open Forest Protocol (OFP) Β allows forest projects of any size to Measure, Report, and Verify their forestation data. Using mobile app solutions to make it easier and more affordable for small landholders to participate in the carbon markets. See the Kisampa Conservancy in Tanzania as a case study here.

Protecting a 3,500 Hectare Ecosystem in Tanzania: Kisampa Conservancy

Regen Network - dMRV and origination

Regen Network has built the Regen Registry with the goal to create open-source infrastructure for cost-effective and rigorous MRV implementation. Their aim is to democratize and invigorate ReFi by empowering communities of earth stewards, scientists, technologists, and climate entrepreneurs to govern the systems used to create new ecological assets. To that end, the registry is built on the understanding that ecological systems are inherently complex and a one-size-fits-all solution is unlikely to meet the unique challenges and opportunities of each ecological regeneration project.

See the Regen Registry Guide for more info or check out Sam Bennett's deep dive video into their pioneering soil carbon dMRV capabilities... πŸ‘‡

Regen Registry Guide - Regen Library

GainForest - using AI and DeSci to measure and reward nature stewardship πŸ›°

GainForest is a non-profit working to utilise AI monitoring systems, decentralized science (DeSci), and impact NFTs to unlock funding for nature-based solutions. They have recently released an extremely cool demo for their Forest Map, check it out below 🌲 πŸ—ΊοΈ πŸ‘‡

BICOWG - Blockchain Infra Carbon Offset Working Group πŸ—οΈ

BICOWG is a collaborative brain trust that assists in coordinating crypto-climate projects, provides education and spaces/forums for Q&As, develops tooling for emissions-related methodologies, and provides clearinghouse services required for the industry-wide movement to address blockchain’s climate impact.

dMeter - An Interoperable platform for dMRV πŸ™ŒπŸ½

dMeter is a DAO experimenting with advanced data collection methods to approach dMRV. Envisioning a future where anyone can get paid for their regenerative action. Building an accessible and interoperable toolkit to help communities get recognized and paid for their actions by connecting existing dMRV projects.

Outlook for dMRV this year πŸ”­

Major funding has yet to come to dMRV, but demand is higher than ever.. We hope 2023 will be the year we see dMRV scale and proliferate across the world as an integral part of the evolving impact asset and credit markets. As always, we will be keeping our eyes peeled for new projects, solutions and deals πŸ‘€πŸ•΅ - let us know if we missed any!πŸ‘‡

πŸ”₯ Projects of the Week

A showcase of top voted projects from the ReFi DAO website!

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Here were the top 5 most voted projects of the week at

  1. πŸ¦‹ Ecosapiens: World’s first perpetual carbon-capture NFT.
  2. οΈπŸŒ™ LunCo: Opensource Engineering Software for Space.
  3. πŸ₯¬ Raiz: Vertical farming network with tokenization model.
  4. 🏠 UrbÑnika: Facilitating urban commons DAOs and city-wise coordination.
  5. ⚑ PowerLedger: Building the operating system for the new energy markets

*Projects included in roundup #51 are not counted this week!

Votes have now been reset so head over to, make an account, and show some support to your favourite projects in the ecosystem this week! πŸ’š

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🌱 Ecosapiens Announced their Inaugural NFT Drop!

Ecosapiens has diligently built a strong community in ReFI. It's time for the community to buy NFT collectibles, each one backed by 16 tons of carbon kept out of the atmosphere. Dropping on Feb 22nd!

🏝️ ReFi India Greenpill festival: hackathon registration is now open

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Looking Forward πŸ“

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Regens Unite Gathering (May 26-27, Brussels)

Bringing regens from around the globe into a "safe and brave space" to create "relationships and unite". They're taking only around 100 applications, so be sure to apply soon if you want to go!

Market Opportunities for African Digital Climate Smart Agriculture (March 6th, Online)

Join Mercy corps to learn about the agriculture value chains that are most at risk from climate impacts and how digital climate-smart agriculture can address these challenges.

Sustex World Tech for Impact and Climate Action
(March 16th in Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

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Blissness Regens Retreat (April 16-21st in Yvoir, Belgium)

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A photo of the beautiful countryside where the Blissness Regens Retreat will be held

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Adam here. Thanks for reading this weeks edition of ReFi Roundup. Gratitude to ReFi DAO and all you amazing regens πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’š

Have a fantastic weekend friends & we'll see you again next week 🫑

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