A New Way of Being with Vincent Daranyi from neoslife | BONUS Episode 🎧

A New Way of Being with Vincent Daranyi from neoslife | BONUS Episode 🎧
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I believe that the regenerative transition will be led by radical visionaries who have done the work of the heart and are willing to commit their lives to building a better future for generations to come. Many may not grasp this yet, but those who do will be the early adopters of an entirely new way of being where people learn to live in harmony with the earth.

neoslife may very well become the breakthrough experiment that becomes a successful model for scaling the regenerative village movement worldwide. If you're into cryptocurrencies, biohacking, remote working, and community living, you're going to want to check out what's going on at neoslife.

There are two spots left on the retreat from April 10-14, as well as a community day on the 14th for those interested in getting involved.

After meeting Vincent Daranyi, the founder of neoslife, at a Heart Protocol ceremony last year, I have seen him shift into high gear to dedicate everything he's got to bringing a unique vision of a regenerative village to life on a gorgeous piece of land stretching across over 1,000 acres just 75 minutes’ drive from Lisbon.

If you're curious, like me, to understand what would motivate a Bitcoin maximalist to trade his sats for a regenerative village—I think you'll enjoy this show.

In this raw episode with Vincent, we unpack his journey from being an investment banker in London, to exiting his startup in Brazil, and embarking on a quest to answer life's deepest questions with the support of community, psychedelic medicines, and indigenous wisdom.

This week's bonus episode of ReFi Podcast features Vincent Daranyi 🎤

  • Vincent’s Journey: From corporate success in institutional finance to entrepreneurship and ultimately a quest for meaning which led him to explore cryptocurrencies, spirituality, psychedelics, and other means of inquiry.
  • neoslife Vision: Located just 75 minutes from Lisbon, this 1,000-acre regenerative village is designed to be a sustainable model for human beings—combining best practices in agriculture, energy, and community living.
  • Community and Innovation: Vincent discusses how neoslife integrates modern values inspired by decentralized currencies as well as holistic medicine and longevity science to foster a transformative community experience.
  • Get Involved: Find out how you can be part of neoslife at the upcoming retreat from April 10th to 14th (only 2 spots remaining).

Vincent’s story mirrors the transition our entire society is undertaking: realizing the emptiness of our current systems and building new systems of value that reflect what truly matters for human and planetary health.

This episode is more than just a conversation; it’s an invitation to dig deeper into what really matters and to co-create a movement towards a more sustainable and interconnected way of being.

No matter where you live, it's clear that regenerative villages will play an essential role in the transition away from fossil fuels, and there is much to learn from their leaders and early formations. As someone who loves Portugal deeply, I am excited to see neoslife emerge alongside TDF and a few other early village experiments.

I have thoroughly enjoyed tuning into the cutting edge of the regenerative village movement in Portugal and learning about the role that tools like cryptocurrencies and psychedelics play in the formation of these communities.

Let’s see what we can learn and build together. 🤙

Hope you enjoy the episode! 🙏🏼

P.S. If you’re inspired by what you hear, don’t hesitate to reach out to Vincent directly at vincent@neos.life