Meet New Atlantis DAO

Meet New Atlantis DAO

In Episode 15 of ReFi Podcast's second season, hosts John and John sit down with Courtney and Gordon, co-founders of New Atlantis DAO - an exciting new project at the nexus of Web3 and decentralized science (DeSci).

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The Challenge

Climate change, ocean acidification and industrial fishing are all major threats to global marine biodiversity. Healthy marine ecosystems are vital to the overall health of our planet, as they:

  • Produce 50% of the world’s oxygen;
  • Form the basis for the global food web;
  • Provide an estimated US$29.5 trillion/year in marine ecosystem services; and
  • Are critical to the ocean’s ability to sequester carbon.

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) are one of the leading ways to preserve and protect global marine biodiversity.  Unfortunately, they often lack the resources and financial self-reliance to adequately protect life in their waters due to their dependence on sporadic government funding and philanthropy.

ReFi Podcast S2E15: New Atlantis DAO

New Atlantis' Approach

New Atlantis is an ocean regeneration project that provides Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) with a viable business model by making marine biodiversity (and life-driven blue carbon) an investable asset class.  They aim to achieve this by launching a marine biodiversity analytics platform that will empower MPAs with the data they need to generate blue carbon and biodiversity credits. This process creates a sustainable revenue model that scales as MPAs expand their conservation efforts.


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