Shape the future of ReFi Podcast! | Survey & Highlights

ReFi Podcast needs your help in shaping its future!

Shape the future of ReFi Podcast! | Survey & Highlights

Hey ReFi fam! πŸ‘‹

John Ellison here checking in with the community as we approach the end of Season 3 at ReFi Podcast! Thanks to the support from Celo Foundation, Climate Collective, Toucan Protocol and the amazing Gitcoin community, we’ve been able to produce over 67 episodes across three languages and have reached over 70k downloads since launching in 2022!

Karla and Ronulfo’s show Vagabonds is now taking off in Spanish as well as Rica’s show Planta-R in Portuguese, bringing diverse perspectives to help shape a global vision of regeneration empowered by technology. If you're feeling inspired to join these regen podcasters, check out what our friend Lee Rael is doing at Source Studios to help folks launch new shows in the space with an epic network of content and distribution partners!

We want your input! πŸ—³

ReFi Podcast is now shifting to a bi-weekly publishing cadence as we take time to speak face-to-face with the amazing ecosystem we’ve been so fortunate to support over the last couple years.

If you have a few minutes to share your thoughts, we’d be super grateful to get your input below. Your feedback is a key guide for our next steps!

Looking back πŸŒ„

I started ReFi Podcast back in October 2021 and have learned SO much since then. In the spirit of reflection, I took some time to uncover key moments from each of our three seasons over the last two years.

It’s truly wild all that has happened. Taking stock of insights across each season helped me appreciate everything we’ve been through and built together as a community.

Hope you find some good nuggets as well! 🌟

S1 🎞

Our first season with johnx25bd was supported by Toucan Protocol, Momus.eth, and the amazing community that turned out for a record-breaking GR12 Gitcoin round. We hosted some fantastic conversation with leaders from Regen Network, Open Forest Protocol, Maker DAO, Kernel and more as well as dialogue with investors from Flori and Eniac Ventures.

S2 🎬

We kicked off our second season with Simar Mangar in August 2022 with an incredible grant from Climate Collective and Celo Foundation to help make sense of the regenerative finance movement emerging in web3, highlighting projects launching products making a real-world impact. We were grateful to host conversations with folks like Benoit from Verra, Hayley and Ryan from Thallo, Ben from Silta Finance and a bunch of other amazing regens.

S3 πŸͺ„

After hunkering down to launch the Local Node Incubator, we kicked off our third season with a debate on network states and hosted conversations around AI, consciousness, mangrove restoration, ecological benefits and many more...

Thank you SO much πŸ™πŸΌ

It’s been an incredible journey so far and we couldn’t have done it without the amazing community of listeners, guests and funders who have made this exploration possible.

We have been super grateful for the opportunity to dig deep into the intersection of climate and crypto to explore how mission-driven communities can unlock pathways towards a regenerative future.

I’ve been reflecting a lot about the state of our world, the leverage points available and the most viable drivers of change. I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts from the survey and speaking with many of you one-to-one as we plot our next steps!

Talk soon,