ReFi DAO Update | ReFi Summer Founder's Circle Formation, ETH CC, SBS & Moss on ReFi Podcast

There's a lot going on this week in ReFi DAO! Here's a quick run through of everything happening so you can figure out how to get involved.

We're running a 'formation week' for the ReFi Summer cohort of Founder's Circles, speaking to Luis from Moss on ReFi Podcast and co-hosting an event with Flowcarbon in Paris around ETH CC!

Also, we've got the chance to do a LIVE podcast with Kevin Owocki from Gitcoin and Green Pill on Saturday at SBS! Grab your tickets. I'm also doing a talk on MRV there...

Formation Week: ReFi Summer Founder's Circles

Today mark's the 'formation week' of Founder's Circles for ReFi Summer. We'll host a variety of events to let Founders discover which Circle they'd like to join for the next 10 weeks leading up to Gitcoin grant round 15!

There are currently 9 circles confirmed with more being proposed:

  1. Real-World Assets Circle led by TMO of Basin DAO
  2. NFT Circle led by Sam of EcoLabs and J Everett of ReFi Zone
  3. Gaming Circle led by Mallika of Earth Guardians
  4. MRV Circle led by Raviv of MRV Collective
  5. Celo Circle led by Helena of Spirals Protocol
  6. Ocean Circle led by Gordon of New Atlantis DAO
  7. Water Circle led by James of EcoToken
  8. East of Suez Circle led by Pranav of ReFi by South and Mitchell of Katalyst
  9. On The Ground Circle led by Akshay of de Plan DAO

Here are all the events currently scheduled around Founder's Circles in Discord this week:

Ask a question to Luis from Moss on ReFi Podcast!

ReFine Our Future in Paris

On Wednesday from 6-12pm we are co-hosting an event in Paris alongside Flowcarbon, Celo, Protocol Labs, Eden Dao and more...

Come join us!