ReFi Roundup #10: Climate Collective Deep Dive, Osmosis goes Carbon Neutral, The Commons Prize Launch Announced

A Deeper Look at Climate Collective; Osmosis Goes Carbon Neutral; Solid World drops a powerful new video

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A Deeper Look at Climate Collective

This week, I thought we could take some time and do a bit of a deep dive into the Climate Collective. Climate Collective is a coalition of companies anchored by Celo working at the intersection of climate and Web3.

Celo is a proof-of-stake layer 1 blockchain with a mission to create an inclusive and prosperous financial system. Climate Collective began as internal effort of the Celo community to fight climate change and has since expanded to include 16 member companies. Some OG ReFi favorites like Toucan and Regen Network are members, as well as newer faces like Flow Carbon, which announced their membership this week.

The goal of Climate Collective is to supply a portion of the Celo Reserve (which backs Celo's stablecoins) with tokenized natural assets. This "natural capital" extends beyond the standard carbon credits and includes things like animal conservation and ocean restoration. The Collective also provides grant funding and community education to continue to grow the ReFi ecosystem; there will be a "ReFi in Action" talk at Celo Connect in Barcelona next month where our very own John Ellison will be speaking!

Several initiatives have already been supported by Climate Collective including the famous Web3 Climate map. As more companies are brought into the Collective, expect to see scale and impact of these initiatives grow tremendously.

Climate Collective
A community of companies tokenizing natural assets to back Celo stablecoins

Osmosis Goes Carbon Neutral

This week, Osmosis announced that it had offset it carbon footprint with the help of Regen Network. Osmosis is a blockchain built with the Cosmos development kit that allows people to trade IBC-compatible (InterBlockchain Communication Protocol) tokens.

This was the first time a blockchain handled the carbon reduction process entirely on-chain; a proposal to go carbon neutral was submitted to the community, it was subsequently voted on and passed, and then on-chain carbon credits were purchased.

Osmosis offset ten times its estimated carbon emissions. This factor was chosen to protect against any potential under-calculations, but its likely that this offset will actually make Osmosis carbon negative! Blockchains pushing to lower their carbon footprint has been an emergent trend this year, and we are all here for it.

🌱 ReFi Bites 🌱

The Commons Stack announced The Commons Prize

The winner will work with The Commons Stack team over the next year to develop their project.

Check out this ReFi origin story from Ecorise

Ecorise DAO provides a brief history on ReFi and makes the case for John Fullerton as the first solarpunk.

Parker Hughes breaks down the argument for tokenizing carbon

Check out Parker's substack - The ReGen Deep Dive!

Tokenizing carbon
β€œHere’s the hard reality: What we’re doing to solve this [climate] crisis is not enough. We need greater urgency and ambition. We need far more speed and scale.” - John Doerr Setting the table For those new to the conversation, β€˜Web3’ (worldwide web version 3.0) is a growing movement building an int…

adrianxyz talks carbon taxonomy

Adrian discusses the various types and classifications of carbon offsets.

Solid World drops a powerful new video

Solid World's video beautifully sums up what we in the ReFi movement are working towards.

☁️ Outside ReFi ☁️

The US SEC proposes climate disclosures

This week, the US Security and Exchange Commission announced a proposal that would require companies to disclose their emissions as well as how climate change may affect their business.

Disclosure laws have long been in place in parts of Europe, but the US has been slow to come around. All emissions disclosures from corporations in the US to date have been done on a voluntary basis. On the surface it may seem like voluntary disclosure is working fine - over 70% of the S&P 500 companies disclose emissions. But when you move down to smaller companies, the picture is not so rosy - only 28% of S&P mid cap 400 companies report emissions.

It's often said what isn't measured can't be managed. Mandatory emissions disclosures will no doubt be a big step toward addressing climate change.

New corporate climate change disclosures proposed by SEC
WASHINGTON (AP) β€” Companies would be required to disclose the greenhouse gas emissions they produce and how climate risk affects their business under new rules proposed Monday by the Securities and Exchange Commission as part of a drive across the government to address climate change.

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