ReFi Roundup #11: Celo Connect, Carbon market opportunities, Learnings from 75 ReFi interviews

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ReFi squad to gather at Celo Connect

Celo Connect kicks off in Barcelona next week, uniting key members of the ReFi community around hot topics including sustainable asset classes, universal basic income and community currencies.

Celo Connect 2022
Join us at Celo Connect! April 4-5, 2022 at La Llotja de Mar de Barcelona. The Celo Foundation believes in a future where people everywhere can thrive from financial inclusion, a healthy environment, and connectivity through innovative technologies.

Speakers from Toucan Protocol, Astral Protocol, Loam and the Climate Collective will showcase their experience of building successful ReFi projects, alongside DeFi projects building on Celo's low carbon blockchain.

While tickets for the main conference 4-5th April are waiting list only, several events are taking place around Barcelona. If you'll be in town then check out the Barcelona Blockchain Week calendar to keep track.

One such side event is the DAOist's ReFi meetup, taking place on the 6th April. The event hopes to catalyse discussion on the essence of ReFi and regenerative finance as a foundation for prosperity. Join us if you can! ✨

ReFi Meetup by The DAOist
Bienvenidas Regenistas, We’re thrilled to organize the first ReFi Meetup by The DAOist during the Barcelona Blockchain Week on Wednesday, April 6th. Join us at Cahoot in the center of Barcelona for meaningful conversations about Regeneration, Autonomy, Public Goods, Commons, and anything in-between…

Three opportunity areas for ReFi and voluntary carbon markets

The International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) recently released the findings and initial recommendations of their Integrity in Digital Climate Markets Task Group, which convened earlier this year.

After listening to voices from across the sector on the use of digital tools in carbon markets, the Task Group concluded that there were three main opportunity areas for intervention by blockchain technologies:

  • Credit tokenization: Credits that have been digitized onto the blockchain can reduce market friction, increase access for both buyers and sellers, reduce transaction fees and scale flows of capital to the carbon market. There are risks that need to be managed however, in relation to speculative tokenization schemes and uncertain regulatory environments.
  • Digital MRV:β€―The deployment of digital technologies in monitoring, reporting and verification (MRV) can increase market efficiency, accuracy and transparency. These advances need uniform standards to ensure that they enhance robustness and do not undermine integrity in place of efficiency.
  • Data repositories: Blockchain technology can enable data repositories such as the World Bank’s proposed Climate Warehouse, which aspires to link all carbon credit issuing authorities and registries under one platform. This creates much needed transparency on the status and location of carbon credits and helps avoid the double counting of credits.

For a brief, tweetable overview checkout John Ellison's TL;DR summary πŸ‘‡

IETA Council Task Group on digital climate markets – Key findings TL;DR | πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ John Ellison πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦
@IETA’s task group for digital carbon markets released a statement via @CarbonPulse. There are big implications for #ReFi here. πŸ‘€ Here are the key takeaways taken from the article by the IETA Council Task Group on Digital Climate Markets 🧡πŸͺ‘ 1/n

🌱 ReFi Bites 🌱

ReFi Interviews: 5 Key Learnings from 75 Conversations

Check out part 1 of Daryl Edward's epic research into the emerging ReFi narrative.

ReFi Interviews Part 1: 5 Key Learnings
In 50 days, I spoke with 75 people in #ReFi to learn about their stories, goals, projects, and barriers. This is what I learned.

Solid World DAO announces new partnership

Solid World has joined forced with DeTrash, a DAO focused on disrupting the waste management industry.

Understanding carbon market challenges

Check out Toucan's thread breaking down some of the key issues with voluntary carbon markets and how blockchain can address these.

Eden DAO highlight Piva's purchase of durable carbon removals

Piva Capial share their strategy for measuring and offsetting their carbon footprint using innovative removal technologies in this great Medium post.

Carbon Neutral in 2021: Grappling with Permanence

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