ReFi Roundup #5: Klima Infinity Launch, ETHDenver, ReFi Podcast Episode 1

KlimaDAO Launches Klima Infinity; ETHDenver Connects Regens; ReFi Podcast Episode 1 Drops

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KlimaDAO Launches Klima Infinity

On Wednesday, KlimaDAO officially announced their much anticipated project Klima Infinity. KlimaDAO has been a staple of the #ReFi ecosystem since its launch last fall, uniting people from an array of backgrounds around the goal of creating a carbon-backed currency. Many crypto-natives have used the project to venture into the carbon markets for the first time and many climate-conscious individuals have used it to dive into the world of crypto.

To date, much of the activity of KlimaDAO has been driven by individuals. Klima Infinity is hoping to bring the largest emitters into the fold- corporations. The project will provide easy-to-use resources for corporations that allow them make an emissions reduction pledge, calculate their carbon footprint, and offset their footprint with tokenized credits.

Look out for the pledge from their flagship partner on February 23rd!

Klima Infinity: To carbon neutral and beyond

ETHDenver Connects Regens

This week's ETHDenver conference was potentially the largest gathering of ReFi projects and Regens to date!

Things kicked off on Wednesday with Toucan's #Regenerate event. Then @jadedarmawangsa gave a presentation on how Web3 and the creator economy enable new forms of climate action. Solid World's process for bringing agriculture to Ethereum was highlighted. Open Forest Protocol held an event on the state of the carbon markets. Regen Network, Return Protocol, Endangered Tokens, Flow Carbon and countless others were all there pushing the ReFi movement forward.

ReFi Podcast Episode 1 Drops

After teasing it for the past couple of weeks, our friends John Ellison and John X have dropped the first episode the ReFi Podcast.

In the first episode, the hosts start with the basics. They discuss the science of climate change and the rise of Web3. Then they get into how Web3 can be used as a tool to drive climate solutions and debunk the myth that crypto is bad for the planet. John E also provides an excellent framework for redesigning money to heal the earth by stabilizing the climate, cultivating biodiversity, and instituting justice.

More episodes to come so make sure to subscribe!

Protocol Labs Announces a Renewable Energy Fund

s. Protocol Labs will be partnering with Nelnet for development.

Filecoin has been a pioneer of protocol decarbonization in the world of Web3. In 2021, Protocol joined the Crypto Climate Accord which is working to power blockchains with 100% renewable energy. Filecoin also previously partnered with Energy Web to match energy use with on-chain renewable energy credits.

This new fund is one of the largest investments in renewable energy by a Web3 company to date. It is an ambitious and bold step and we expect to see many other protocols make investments into decarbonization soon.

Protocol Labs and Nelnet Announce $38 Million Renewable Energy Fund Focused on Investments in Solar Energy
Protocol Labs, an open-source research and development lab that builds protocols, tools, and services to radically improve the internet, including Filecoin and IPFS, announces the launch of the $38 million Filecoin NNI Renewable Energy Fund, focused on investments in solar energy throughout the Unit…

🌱 ReFi Bites 🌱

KlimaDAO gets a website refresh

On Tuesday, KlimaDAO rolled out their updated website. The redesign was fully executed by DAO contributors and apparently has an Easter egg reward for participation.

A New Face for KlimaDAO

Moss releases series 2 of Amazon NFTs released its second series of Amazon NFTs this week and, much like Series one, it only took a couple of hours for them to sell out. Together, these projects have secured 100 hectares of rainforest and many more series are planned.

EdenDAO and EcoriseDAO team up

EdenDAO and EcoriseDAO announced a partnership this week. Ecorise will bond EdenDAO carbon removals and hold Eden's governance token in its treasury.

Eco Labs DAO drops next Phoney Plants NFTs

Eco Labs Phoney Plants NFT series is taking a multi-chain approach. The first series was released on Cardano and this second series is on Tezos. Each NFT removes one tonne of CO2e.

Check out the Green Pill book and podcast

Gitcoin founder Kevin Owocki is publishing a book on how crypto can be used to regenerate the world. He also just launched a podcast under the Bankless network and had Vitalik Buterin as the first guest on the show.
Build a more solarpunk future by getting Green Pilled, pledge to support public goods + join the Green Pill Party today.

☁️ Outside ReFi ☁️

Climate-fueled Anxiety is Real

Climate change is scary. So scary in fact that a new field has emerged around treating its psychological effects, known as ecopsychology. A once fringe sub sector of psychology, ecopsychology is becoming mainstream as more and more people express climate-fueled anxiety.

Little research has been done on the most effective ways to treat this type of anxiety, but resources are beginning to pop up. The Climate Psychology Alliance has put together a list of climate-aware therapists. The Climate Change and Happiness podcast walks people through practical ways to deal with the feelings they are having. Therapists will need to become well versed in the the methods of treatment as climate anxiety will likely only become more prevalent. Β 

Climate Change Enters the Therapy Room
Ten years ago, psychologists proposed that a wide range of people would suffer anxiety and grief over climate. Skepticism about that idea is gone.

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