ReFi Roundup #3:'s big week, Klima partners with Mobilum, Toucan's NCT pool

Ben Noel here authoring the ReFi Roundup newsletter this week. By day, I help companies set emissions targets and then procure renewable energy and carbon credits to hit those targets. By night, I try to spread the good word of the #ReFi movement. I look forward to connecting with more of you!

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Ben Noel here authoring the ReFi Roundup newsletter this week. By day, I help companies set emissions targets and then procure renewable energy and carbon credits to hit those targets. By night, I try to spread the good word of the #ReFi movement. I look forward to connecting with more of you!

A big week for

It’s been a busy few weeks for the carbon offsetting project out of Brazil. Founded in 2020, has pioneered the digitization of environmental assets, starting with the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. To date, large corporations and individuals have acquired over $26 million in carbon credits.

Late last week KlimaDAO announced KLIMA/MCO2 bonding, making Moss's MCO2 token the second tokenized carbon credit to enter the Klima treasury after Toucan’s BCT. The Klima treasury had already accumulated close to 70,000 MCO2 tokens as of Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, it was reported by Carbon Pulse that Moss had raised a $10 million Series A funding round to expand its carbon credit tokenization into environmental markets.

Moss began to market its Amazon Forest NFT project this week and sold out of the 50 pieces in its first series. The goal of the project is to create a “Green Wall” through the Amazon rainforest preventing further creep of deforestation. Each Amazon Forest NFT represents ownership of one hectare of Amazon rainforest and is updated every six days with new MRV data.

KlimaDAO partnering with Mobilum

Earlier this week, KlimaDAO announced that it will be partnering with Mobilum to allow direct purchase of $KLIMA using over 80 different fiat currencies. The Estonia/Poland-based fintech company provides tools for crypto businesses to accept MasterCard and Visa payment methods.

KlimaDAO’s ascension over the past couple months has been incredible to watch. It has been many people’s first foray into crypto and Web3, but the relatively difficult purchase process has been a hurdle for many non-crypto native people interested in the project. The partnership with Mobilum will bring a new batch of participants into the community. More details on the partnership are expected to be released in the coming weeks.

Toucan announces next carbon pool

Toucan has given a sneak peek of its new carbon reference token, the Nature Carbon Tonne (NCT)  by including the token on the website. The exact criteria of the NCT pool is expected to be announced soon.

Toucan’s existing carbon pool, Base Carbon Tonne or BCT, only accepts Verra VCUs with a vintage of 2008 or later.

The Toucan team held an AMA on Discord on Monday to answer questions and concerns from the community.

A response to our community ahead of NCT launch
Lessons, details and next steps on nature-based carbon tokens secured by partners of Toucan.

Endangered Tokens Foundation mints first NFTs

Endangered Tokens Foundation is a project out of Chile preserving endangered tree species through tokenization. Earlier this week, the project launched their first NFTs, called Elder ENTS. Each Elder ENTS NFT in the first collection is a video of a specific Gomortega Keule tree. Funds from sales of the NFT go toward protecting the tree through local NGOs. Whitelisted addresses were able to mint the NFT at the start of the week and the sale was open to the public on Thursday.

Endangered Tokens Foundation is the first project tokenizing individual trees as a means of conservation. This is just the beginning of a fascinating movement to preserve some of the world’s endangered species.

Quick Bites

Return Protocol Launches

Return accelerates the adoption of ReFi by introducing automatic carbon offsetting for on-chain wallets.

EdenDAO launches its $DRM token

EdenDAO launched its $DRM token this week to fund the development of high-quality carbon removal projects, effectively creating a future price on carbon.

DRM: The Journey of a Lifetime
The Eden Dao invites you to our DRM Syndicate. Join us on our journey to regenerate the planet and become the world’s #1 carbon remover.

dClimate recaps its first year

dClimate, a decentralized network for climate data supported by the likes of Mark Cuban and Sergey Nazarov, celebrated its first anniversary.

Diatom DAO sets a launch date

Diatom DAO, a project working to remove plastic from the ocean and create Plastic Reduction Credits (PRC), set a launch date of February 14th.

Outside ReFi

Climate change hits the Winter Olympics

It's been widely reported over the past week that nearly 100% of the snow used in this year's winter olympics will be artificial. As you can probably guess, snow making is not the most environmentally friendly process.

[Snow making] is not only energy and water intensive, frequently using chemicals to slow melt, but also delivers a surface that many competitors say is unpredictable and potentially dangerous

Artificial snow making at the olympics will likely become more common place in the coming years.

Of the 21 venues used for the Winter Games since the French resort of Chamonix hosted the first in 1924, researchers estimate that, by 2050, only 10 will have the "climate suitability" and natural snowfall levels to host an event.
Climate change threatens Winter Olympics and future snow sports -research
Climate change is threatening the Winter Olympics and the future of snow sports by making conditions much more dangerous for athletes and participants, experts warned in a report published a week before the 2022 Winter Games in Beijing.

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