ReFi Villages + How to Build One! 🌱🛖 🌐

People are increasingly looking for ways to live that are more sustainable, resilient, and regenerative. ‘ReFi Villages’ present a compelling solution to change how we live, work, and relate to one another...

ReFi Villages + How to Build One! 🌱🛖 🌐

Hello ReFi Nation, Monty here with a community update 👋  

On Friday we published a new ReFi DAO Mirror article introducing the concept of a 'ReFi Village' as the next evolution of eco-community living. Empowered by Web3 technologies, we think they present a scalable on-the-ground solution to the global challenges we face today - 'The Regen Network State'. If you haven't already, check out the full article below, share it far and wide, or even collect the work as an NFT to immortalise the moment!👇

ReFi Villages: Web3-Enabled Communities for People and Planet
Hello everyone! Monty here with a cross-section of Web3, ReFi, & Ecovillage experts to bring you the first article to define and explore the emerging phenomenon of a ‘ReFi Village’. We have Sam Delesque from OASA and TDF, Jeremy Agnew from Re:Build and Re:Source, Nico S from Agartha, and Charlotte F…

Led by pioneers such as  the Traditional Dream Factory — the first land-based regenerative village DAO in Europe, the ReFi Village movement is only just getting started. In order to achieve its full potential, we need to catalyse environmentalists, techies, and builders from all walks of life to take this regenerative way of living to the masses!

Want to join the movement? The "How To Build A Regenerative Village" book cowritten by 29 people is live today! Check it our below and take a leap towards a radically better way of living in harmony with the earth and each other. + If you happen to be in Lisbon, there is a book launch event today at Crew Hassan, 8a Rua Andrade. 👇

Treehouse DAO
The web3 publishing organisation that focuses on regenerating the planet.

We hope you enjoyed this article and as excited as we are too see how it will evolve. Stay tuned for part 2 where we will dive deeper into the pioneers of this space with a ReFi Radar of top projects... Make sure to subscribe!