Season 4 ReFi Podcast Announcement

Season 4 ReFi Podcast Announcement

The Regeneration Nexus Is Here!

Get ready for a new chapter in the ReFi Podcast! 🎙️🎉

As John, who has hosted three fantastic seasons, launches an exciting new venture, we, Maya and Tereza, are thrilled to take over as hosts for Season 4 of the show! 

Meet the Hosts 👯‍♀️

Maya Z. Dentzel is a California-based researcher, social entrepreneur, and aspiring yogi driven by the mission of building regenerative systems with emerging technologies. She has written about and managed projects around ReFi.

Tereza Bízková is a Colombia-based communications professional passionate about highlighting stories of impact. She is the co-founder of ReFi Medellín and contributes to projects like Funding the Commons, Crypto Altruism, and ReFi DAO.

Season Focus 🔎

We're facing a multitude of overlapping global crises—from climate emergency to systemic inequities—that call for a profound rethinking of how we see the world. This new vision that adopts a holistic approach to economy as a living system, came to be known as regeneration

Drawing from John’s remarks in the concluding episode of Season 3, we expand on the idea that ReFi goes beyond Web3. In Season 4, we will explore the entire spectrum of regeneration, from the foundational philosophy and economic principles to practical implementations and innovative technologies that can propel the vision of a regenerative future further. 

The theme of the new season is "The Regeneration Nexus," centered on a critical question:

How can we integrate best practices from economic and systems thinking, real-world impact, and innovative technologies to establish a regenerative paradigm?

By sitting down with visionaries of the new future and engaging with a diverse group of thought leaders—including economists, activists, researchers, and tech innovators—we plan to map out what leading minds believe is necessary to effectively regenerate the world today. 

We aim for the new season of ReFi Podcast to establish a powerful regeneration front fit for today's challenges.

The Regeneration Nexus 🌐

In season 4, we want to tell a unified story of regeneration around three key pillars:

  1. The Vision: Why do we need to reimagine the traditional economic and belief systems? 

First, we will explore the fundamentals of regeneration by examining economic theories and systemic changes needed, bringing insights from thinkers who are redefining the role of capital as a catalyst for a thriving planet. 

  1. The Practice: What does effective regenerative change really look like?

Next, we will highlight the inspiring work of individuals and organizations on the ground and share real-world stories of successful impact practices.

  1. The Tools: How can technological advances scale regenerative vision?

Finally, we will dive into the role of emerging technologies and discuss how to implement them effectively to accelerate regeneration. 

Stay Tuned! 📢

Season 4 launches in a couple of weeks. We’ll share more details on the ReFi Podcast Twitter page soon, so keep an eye out!

In the meantime, join us for our kickoff Twitter Space on May 23 at 12:00 p.m. ET! Come connect with us, share your thoughts, and let us know what topics you're excited about for the upcoming season.

If you'd like to support us, check out our new Giveth page—your contributions will help us bring these important conversations to the forefront.

We are excited and honored to serve the ReFi community!

Tereza and Maya 💜