Announcing the ReFi DAO Local Node Prize! 🎉👏

Announcing the ReFi DAO Local Node Prize! 🎉👏

Today is a special day... on 23.03.23, we have launched ReFi DAO Local Node Prize with our friends at Commons Stack!


As apart of our vision to realize a regenerative economy rooted in local startup communities, we have decided to incubate ReFi Lisboa as the first Local Node in the Global North.

We are looking for one city in the Global South to join ReFi Lisboa in the Alpha Cohort of our Local Node Incubator in partnership with Commons Stack.

Collect NFT on Mirror 🎨

We are currently crowdfunding for a match funding pool to support Local Nodes. We would be incredibly grateful if you could collect the post on Mirror as a historic NFT and support the emergence of Local Nodes as key onramps for talent and capital into the regenerative economy!