Being Other with Hanae Bezad β”‚ S3Ep16 🎧

John chats with Hanae Bezad, a dynamic figure in entrepreneurship and change-making, now the author of "Being Other."

Being Other with Hanae Bezad β”‚ S3Ep16 🎧

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In this episode,
John Ellison sits down with a truly inspiring human, Hanae Bezad. A serial entrepreneur, changemaker, public speaker, and now an author, Hanae has recently published her new book, "Being Other."

We find ourselves in a pivotal era of human civilization, standing on the brink of systemic collapse. Now, more than ever, we need leaders who can step up to the immense challenges we face. Hanae's book "Being Other" is a call to action. It urges us to rise above the traumas and transgressions of our time and to lead the change with compassion and understanding.

In this episode you will:

πŸ“˜ Discover the inspiring journey of Hanae Bezad, as she navigates through her experiences as an entrepreneur, speaker, and author, revealing her groundbreaking approach to leadership and systemic change.

🌍 Explore the critical issues facing our civilization, including the brink of systemic collapse, and how new models of regenerative leadership can lead to transformative change and a more interconnected humanity.

πŸ’‘ Gain valuable insights into the role of technology and community in conservation and biodiversity preservation, particularly through Hanae's work with the Sovereign Nature Initiative, and how web 3 and online gaming communities are contributing to this vital cause.

πŸͺ· Embracing Oneness

Hanae highlights the importance of staying true to our human commitment to fostering interconnectedness. She acknowledges the challenges posed by emotional baggage and trauma that many carry, underscoring the transformative power of purpose and collective effort in bringing happiness and hope. The journey, as she admits, is fraught with difficulties, particularly in financial spaces where commodification and modular systems dominate, often repressing innovative voices and ideas.


πŸ“— Being Other' and the Journey of BIWOC Leadership

In her book "Being Other," Hanae confronts the overlooked creative leadership of Black, Indigenous, Women of Colour (BIWOC), bringing to light their unique experiences and challenges in the global landscape. This book is not only a synthesis of empirical observations from Hanae's professional life but also a reflection of her personal journey as a traveler, expatriate, repatriate, and self-described notorious migrant. Through her narrative, she uncovers the systemic oppression and white privilege that pervade different spheres of life.

With over a decade of experience working with creatives and entrepreneurs who've felt marginalized, Hanae shares stories of resilience and othering, including her own. From confronting workplace discrimination to challenging patriarchal norms, this book offers a raw, honest portrayal of the struggles and triumphs of BIWOC. It's a clarion call for societal change and an acknowledgment of the need for diverse, authentic leadership that embraces the otherness as a source of strength and innovation. "Being Other" is a journey of understanding, healing, and empowerment, urging readers to recognize and celebrate the value of diverse voices and stories in shaping a more inclusive world.

This episode covers:
[00:03:54] A Snapshot of COP28
[00:09:09] The Sovereign Nature Initiative
[00:13:47] β€œBeing Other”
[00:21:34] The Time Is Now
[00:26:24] Breaking Down The Components Of Our Identity
[00:29:45] Learning Compassion
[00:33:45] Being In The Middle Of Systemic Challenges
[00:37:26] Changes In Web3 To Nurture A Place Of Belonging
[00:41:21] A Source Of Wisdom For Leaders In ReFi
[00:46:42] Paving Our Way To A Regenerative Future
[00:51:45] Reconnecting With The Truth Of Your Body
[00:56:48] Intergenerational Trauma
[01:03:12] A Peek Into β€œBeing Other”

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