Building a Solar Flywheel with William Skinner β”‚ S3Ep21 🎧

In the latest Refi Podcast episode, John Ellison and William Skinner discuss Helios, a platform revolutionizing investment in renewable energy.

Building a Solar Flywheel with William Skinner β”‚ S3Ep21 🎧

In the latest episode of the ReFi Podcast, John Ellison delves into an exciting conversation with William Skinner, the founder behind Helios. The platform, which will be launching soon, stands at the forefront of bridging investors with opportunities in renewable energy projects across global markets. Helios introduces an innovative decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol, enabling investors to tap into geographically diverse pools of renewable energy installations, with a spotlight on regions like India and Brazil. 🎧

NOTE: This episode serves purely for educational purposes and is not intended as investment counsel or an offering of any service.

This dialogue not only signals a pivotal shift in how real-world assets integrate with the DeFi sphere, ushering in tangible, planet-positive yields but also underscores the broader impacts on communities. Moreover, it offers a deeper dive into William's personal and professional evolution since his last appearance on the show, reflecting significant growth and insights. William also shares his ambitious vision for Helios: to become an "infinite pool of capital" dedicated to ongoing investments in renewable energy projects, aiming to funnel substantial funds globally to accelerate the decarbonization of our energy supply.

In this episode, you will: 

🌱 Discover Helios, designed to connect investors with renewable energy opportunities in emerging markets.

πŸ“ˆ Learn about the integration of real-world assets into the DeFi space, offering yields that are beneficial for both the planet and its communities.

πŸš€ Hear about William Skinner's journey and Helios's ambition to become an infinite pool of capital for renewable energy projects worldwide.

The Next Generation Of Impact Investing 🌞

Helios embodies the next generation of impact investing, utilizing web3 technology to enhance transparency, accessibility, and liquidity. It empowers individuals to easily invest in clean energy, offering tools to monitor projects in real time and secure stable returns, independent of market volatility.

Souce: Helios

Helios champions the idea that profitable solutions are crucial for tackling climate change effectively and at scale, ensuring that making a positive environmental impact and achieving financial gains are not mutually exclusive. This approach democratizes the opportunity to contribute to planetary preservation while also benefiting financially.

This episode covers πŸ‘‡

[00:00:00] Teaser
[00:00:28] Introduction
[00:02:06] Check-in with William
[00:02:59] An overview of Helios
[00:04:10] The Scope of Helios’ Launch
[00:06:45] Getting Traction Today
[00:07:42] Risk Management at the Protocol Level
[00:08:55] The Cashflows Sustaining the Protocol
[00:16:57] Distributing the Shares
[00:21:01] Keeping the Team During Times of Uncertainty
[00:25:14] What Success Looks Like
[00:26:35] What’s coming up for Helios?
[00:30:36] How To Get Involved?

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