Building Trust In Carbon Markets with Adrian Wons β”‚ S3Ep18 🎧

Explore Senken's role in revolutionizing carbon markets with Web3 technologies as they bridge finance and climate action for a sustainable future.

Building Trust In Carbon Markets with Adrian Wons β”‚ S3Ep18 🎧

How can a digital marketplace truly revolutionize the way we connect buyers with nature-based carbon credits, ultimately reshaping our commitment to the planet?

In today's episode of ReFi Podcast, John Ellison welcomes Adrian Wons, the CEO and co-founder of Senken, a digital marketplace designed to democratize the carbon credit market. They explore the nexus between nature-based carbon credits and the revolutionary potential of Web 3 technologies to finance climate solutions at scale.

Senken's approach to listening to the needs of customers on both the buying and supply sides has led to the removal of barriers and the creation of a user experience that fosters trust in carbon credits as a tool for financing climate solutions and protecting natural habitats.

The episode provides an in-depth look at the carbon market's current state, its evolution, and the challenges it faces. It's a must-listen for anyone interested in the role of finance in addressing climate change, biodiversity collapse, and social inequity. It is a testament to the grit and perseverance required for founders to make meaningful contributions in times of complex crises.

In this episode, you will:

🌐 Explore the innovative intersection of carbon markets and Web3 technology, understanding how they collectively drive climate action.

🌱 Hear the inspiring journey of Adrian Wons, from his early days in the Kernel fellowship to leading Senken, and how it's shaping the future of digital carbon marketplaces.

πŸ’‘ Delve into the challenges and advancements within the carbon credit system, gaining insights into the perseverance and vision required to navigate this complex domain.

Senken: Charting a New Path for Carbon Credits 🌱

Senken is a digital platform launched in 2022 that offers a transparent and easy-to-use system for trading tokenized carbon credits. Senken aims to make voluntary carbon offsetting as straightforward as possible, enhancing the market's credibility and trust through a decentralized, on-chain infrastructure. This infrastructure ensures transparency and traceability of carbon credits. The marketplace allows users to compare, buy, trade, and use these credits for carbon emission offsetting, making these processes accessible to a broader range of investors and companies than was previously possible.

Source: Senken

Senken aims to fund $10 billion into the climate market by 2030. Adrian shares that the motivation behind building Senken was the lack of transparency in carbon markets and the disparity between the price at which carbon credits are sold and the amount received by project developers. This focus on transparency and efficiency is central to Senken's mission in the carbon credit market.

Redefining Climate Accountability 🀝

Adrian and John delve into the complex landscape of climate action and the media's tendency to focus on companies actively trying to make a difference, often ignoring those who remain inactive. This dichotomy highlights a broader issue in the climate crisis: the lack of repercussions for inaction.

Adrian emphasizes the necessity for a market that balances transparency, trust, and accessibility, allowing companies to make effective and genuine sustainability commitments. Senken's role in this endeavour is crucial, as they strive to bridge the financial gap for climate projects, ensuring that investments are both meaningful and impactful.

This episode covers:

[00:02:48] An Update On Senken
[00:08:50] Senken Today And Its Journey
[00:18:17] The Level Of Scale
[00:24:52] A Break Down Of The Assets
[00:32:10] The Nature-Based Focus
[00:38:12] Determining The Quality Of Nature-Based Projects
[00:45:41] The Risk Of Not Taking Action
[00:48:38] Senken’s Score Card
[00:50:06] The Missing Link To Build The Market
[00:53:10] An Internal Carbon Pricing Tool
[00:55:05] Maintaining Centre As A Founder

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