Community, Capital and Regeneration with Philip Stehlik and Lena Bumke β”‚ S3 E9 🎧

John Ellison talks with Lena Bumke and Philip Stehlik about building a regenerative future through scalable systems, climate solutions, and community well-being. They discuss decentralized models and societal collaboration. Leave a review to share your thoughts!

Community, Capital and Regeneration with Philip Stehlik and Lena Bumke β”‚ S3 E9 🎧

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Anna here from ReFi DAO, excited to share the latest episode of ReFi Podcast! In this episode, John sits down with two incredible humans, Lena Bumke and Philip Stehlik, who share a common vision of regeneration and building a better future for us all.

Philip Stehlik, founder of Earth, Centrifuge and Taulia is a serial entrepreneur and investor with extensive experience building successful, scalable projects. He has partnered with Maex Ament on numerous ventures, and together they are now exploring the ReFi space. Their goal is to support founders who are building climate solutions that not only work at scale but also prioritize the well-being of both the founders themselves and the communities they serve.

Lena Bumke, on the other hand, is contributing to Greatherthan, a pioneering initiative that focuses on organizational design, systems thinking, and building scalable systems. Greatherthan is at the forefront of exploring how we can create better systems that truly serve the needs of society and the planet.

A Paradigm Shift in How We Work πŸ‘

Lena shares Graterthan's approach, empowering and fostering a sense of ownership. Society places a heavy burden on us with its expectations and structures, but those who have managed to step outside the typical path, find themselves with less to unlearn as they move into self-organized systems.

These systems, which value agency and collaborative decision-making, allow individuals to fluidly pick up leadership roles when they can lead and follow when it feels right to do so. This contrasts sharply with hierarchical systems, where responsibility and authority are concentrated at the top, and individuals often find themselves waiting for approval and following orders without question.

A Journey to Meaningful Living πŸŒ„

One of the biggest lessons Philip learned as he stepped out of the startup space and into a more communal way of living and working was the importance of taking the time to build strong, trust-based relationships. In the startup world, everything is about moving fast and getting results quickly. But when you're living and working in close proximity with other people, you need to take the time to truly understand each other and build a foundation of trust.

In the startup world, it's easy to get caught up in the rush and excitement of creating something new. But if you don't take the time to step back and reflect, it's easy to lose sight of what's truly important. By stepping out of the startup space and into a more communal way of living, Philip was able to find a better balance between work and life. He was able to slow down and appreciate the small moments, and this has made a big difference in his overall happiness and well-being.

This episode covers:

[00:00:00] Teaser
[00:00:39] Introduction
[00:02:49] Lena’s Personal Journey
[00:07:25] Who is Philip Stehlik?
[00:12:41] Building Regenerative Organizational Systems
[00:16:06] Taking a Break From the Treadmill
[00:19:18] Community Building Between Life And Work
[00:24:50] Organizations Dealing With People’s Wounds and Traumas
[00:29:50] Inner Regeneration And Working On Regenerative Systems
[00:38:10] Tough Times For ReFi 
[00:41:15] What’s Coming Next?
[00:33:20] Money: The Primary Coordination Vehicle
[00:44:15] Is the Venture Capital Model Fit For ReFi?
[00:55:21] Pieces of Advice for Early-Stage Founders
[00:59:03] The Future Is Now

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