Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion with Gilberto Morishaw │Season 3 Episode 5 🎧

Dive into discussions on regeneration, diversity, equity & inclusion in the latest episode of ReFi Podcast with Gilberto Morishaw from Kolektivo. 🌟

Diversity, Equity, Justice and Inclusion with Gilberto Morishaw │Season 3 Episode 5 🎧

Hey ReFi Nation! 👋

Anna here, excited to bring you another episode of the ReFi Podcast, where we not only discuss but also reflect deeply upon matters of regeneration, diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

In this episode, John Ellison of ReFi DAO had the pleasure of welcoming Gilberto Morishaw, a dear friend and the Head of Impact, Equity, and Inclusion at Kolektivo. Gilberto's roots in Curaçao and his life in Amsterdam have painted his worldviews with unique shades, providing him with rich insights into regeneration from a holistic perspective.

Gilberto shares his viewpoint on the work Kolektivo is doing in Curaçao. Born and raised on this beautiful island, he provides us with an insider’s perspective, presenting a vivid picture of the on-ground realities and challenges in Curaçao. Through his eyes, we explore the true essence of regeneration as Kolektivo sees it— a process entangled with the lives and roles of the people in the community.

What are we all working towards? What does the end state of our collective regeneration mission look like? These are complex questions, and our dialogue with Gilberto attempts to shed light on these. The conversation is a tapestry of thoughts, ideas, and visions about the future we are building, the purpose driving our actions, and the destination we envision for our communities and the Earth.

This episode covers:

  • 02:21 Meditation and alignment
  • 06:25 Building regenerative communities
  • 11:04 Tokenization and regenerative systems
  • 14:24 Justice, equity, diversity, inclusion
  • 19:57 Diversity and innovation in economics
  • 22:39 Going fast, not going deep
  • 26:10 Urgency and doom in climate crisis
  • 29:59 Conservation and indigenous stewardship
  • 34:43 Dancing with the devil in capitalism
  • 38:53 Web3 and public verifiable impact
  • 42:24 Redefining wealth
  • 45:18 Transitioning economic systems for equity
  • 48:15 Overcoming comfort for future growth
  • 52:07 Holding yourself in love
  • 56:25 Lack of end state
  • 59:03 Mainstreaming blockchain technology
  • 01:03:20 Inclusion and regeneration
  • 01:06:19 The world is changing

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