Environmental Asset Markets and Community Impact β”‚ ReFi Podcast Season 3 Ep. 2 🎧

Sarah Baxendell's journey from corporate roots to climate activism intersects with her pivotal role at Regen Network, emphasizing community-driven environmental restoration and advocating for gender equality in the blockchain realm.

Environmental Asset Markets and Community Impact β”‚ ReFi Podcast Season 3 Ep. 2 🎧

In the latest episode of the ReFi Podcast, John Ellison of ReFi DAO sits down with Sarah Baxendell of Regen Network – a pioneer in the ReFi ecosystem. With a multi-faceted background touching everything from finance and supply chain management to hands-on agricultural practices and permaculture design, Sarah is currently the director of ecosystem at Regen Network.

During their conversation, John and Sarah touch on the intricate facets of the system Regen Network is pioneering, highlighting missing infrastructure links, and shedding light on the commendable milestones they've already set. The dialogue also ventures into the significant underrepresentation of women in the blockchain space and emphasizes the critical need for a collective, gender-inclusive approach.

Sarah's Transformative Journey to Climate Advocacy 🌿

Sarah embarked on an unexpected journey towards climate activism after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina shook her, revealing the stark reality of climate change.

A mistaken invitation to a Radiohead concert unexpectedly steered her to the heart of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Surrounded by advocates for various causes, she felt a pull towards the climate change campaigners. With a background in sustainable design, Sarah swiftly integrated, focusing on eco-interventions in New York, from community gardens to permaculture design.

Sarah's path crossed serendipitously with Terra Genesis International, forging an enduring bond with Christian Shearer, a member of their team, which led her to a pivotal role at Regen Network in 2019, marking another transformative chapter in her journey.

The Vision and Tech Behind Regen Network 🌲

Source: https://www.regen.network/

Regen Network aims to establish a platform equipped with versatile tools that enable communities to design and communicate their restoration projects. The platform ensures that these projects are both scientifically rigorous and easily understandable, catering to a diverse audience from the scientific community to local elders.

A pivotal aspect is its emphasis on decentralized local impact decision-making, allowing communities to have control and govern their own restoration endeavours. This decentralization ethos extends to its technical backbone: Regen Network is built on Tendermint consensus, forming the foundational layer of the Cosmos ecosystem.

Empowering Women in the Blockchain Space πŸͺ·

Sarah, a fervent advocate for gender equality in the blockchain world, shared both shocking and inspiring experiences from her journey. While many events and meetings predominantly spotlight men, oblivious to the wealth of knowledge and expertise that women bring to the table, there are a few glimmers of hope.

Encouragingly, some events are realizing this gender gap, providing women the platform to lead technical presentations and voice their perspectives. However, Sarah's encounters and those of her peers unveil a deeper, more concerning underbelly. Reports of harassment, exploitation, and disrespect are alarmingly recurrent. The dominance of "mostly white boys on Zoom" is not just a superficial observation but a glaring reflection of the systemic bias.

Sarah’s stand is clear: organizations lacking female representation at decision-making levels need to introspect. By neglecting to promote women, they're perpetuating the problem. Addressing this imbalance isn’t just about equality; it's about valuing diverse perspectives that drive innovation.

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