Giveth's Giving Season: 4 Days Left To Donate 🎁

In the closing days of Giveth's Giving Season Quadratic Funding Round, you still have the chance to support 84 impactful projects. With a $25,000 matching pool, your donations on the OP Mainnet will be amplified, making a significant impact. 🌟🌱🌍

Giveth's Giving Season: 4 Days Left To Donate 🎁

As the season of giving embraces us, there are still more days to support your favourite for-good projects with the magic of quadratic funding through Giveth's Giving Season Quadratic Funding Round on Optimism. The round is closing on January 2nd and it's currently featuring 84 projects.

Let's have a look at what you can expect. πŸ‘‡

Amplify Your Impact This Holiday Season 🌟

With a generous $25,000 matching pool in USDGLO, your contributions have the power to make an even greater impact. This matching is made possible by the admirable efforts of Giveth's Quadratic Force, ensuring that every donation on the OP Mainnet is not just a contribution, but a catalyst for change.

IMPORTANT: In order for your donations to be eligible for matching, make sure to create/refresh your Gitcoin Passport HERE.
Source: Giveth

In this round, all projects have been thoughtfully nominated by Giver NFT holders, symbolizing a community-driven approach to philanthropy.

🌟 Support ReFi DAO

We are thrilled to announce that ReFi DAO is one of the projects taking part in Giveth's Giving season! πŸŽ‰

Our transformation is underway, with a dedicated team steering us towards becoming a fully decentralized autonomous organization.

πŸš€ The Road Ahead: Our Next Chapter

As we embark on this new chapter, our focus sharpens on:

  • Community-Driven Evolution: Redefining our mission through the collective voice of our community.
  • Educational Outreach: Expanding our reach through the ReFi DAO Blog and enhancing our website.
  • Local Node Support: Growing and nurturing Local Nodes with new tools and initiatives.
  • Action-Centric Community: Deepening alliances and driving the Regen Coordination.

Read the outcomes of the ReFi DAO Forum #4. πŸ‘‡

Project Highlight πŸ”†

We'd love to highlight some of the amazing projects that are taking part in Giveth's Giving Season QF Round:

🌱 Regens Unite: A community movement focused on bridging sectors for regenerative solutions through events and educational media.

🌍 ReFi Medellín: Empowering Medellín's youth to tackle city challenges like poverty and inequality through hackathons, incubation, and investment.

πŸ’‘ Bankless Academy: A leading web3 education platform offering engaging, practical learning experiences to navigate the blockchain multiverse.

🌡 ReFi Mexico City: Advocating for regenerative finance and Web3 development with a focus on decentralized science and social media in Mexico City.

🌺 Bloom Network: A cyber-physical social network promoting grassroots climate action and community engagement globally.

πŸ’² Glo Dollar: The 'anti-poverty dollar' designed to reduce extreme poverty as its market cap increases.

🌟 Dream DAO: Investing in Gen Z's potential in web3 and social impact through training, funding, mentorship, and opportunity creation.

🀝 Trusted Seed Unconference: A space for web3 stewards to learn, grow, and support each other in fostering a community of servant leaders.

πŸ”— Commons Stack: Raising funds for launching new Commons, evolving technical and cultural builds, and developing open-source protocols for community commons.

🌳 Green Pill Network: Focused on demonstrating crypto's global impact through education, content creation, and real-world actions.

🌱 Agroforest DAO: Building a community around food forests, fostering content creation and lifelong reputation in natural common resources management.

Share Your Gift Today! 🎁

As we approach the closing of Giveth's Giving Season Quadratic Funding Round on January 2nd, there's still time to make a difference. This unique opportunity allows you to support 84 remarkable for-good projects, each striving to create positive change in our world.

Let's come together in these final days of the season, harness the magic of quadratic funding, and support these incredible initiatives. πŸŽ…