Introducing Planta-R with Rica Amaral β”‚ S3Ep15 🎧

Welcome to a special episode of ReFi Podcast, where we sit down with Rica Amaral, a pioneer in using blockchain for social and ecological justice, on his new podcast 'Planta-R'.

Introducing Planta-R with Rica Amaral β”‚ S3Ep15 🎧

In the latest episode of ReFi Podcast, we welcome a special guest and friend: Rica Amaral. A ReFi pioneer, active in the space since 2017, he has recently launched a new podcast for the Portuguese-speaking community, part of the Source Studios network - Planta-R.

Rica takes us on a journey through the transformative landscape of the Portuguese-speaking community's involvement in ReFi. The podcast, a space of innovative ideas, focuses on conversations with predominantly female leaders who are driving change in their local contexts through the power of Web 3 and sowing the seeds of regeneration.

In this episode, you will:

πŸ” Delve into Rica's unique perspective, having been a part of this movement before it was even known as ReFi

πŸ—£οΈ Explore Rica’s key learnings and insights gained through conversations with figures like Susanne from Impact Market and Djimo from Silvi Protocol

🌐 Get an overview for those interested in the unique contributions that the Portuguese-speaking community is making to the global movement of regeneration.

Planta-R: Blueprinting a Regenerative Tomorrow 🌱

Planta-R innovatively provides content in Portuguese, broadening its influence and delivering the powerful narrative of regenerative initiatives to audiences worldwide, overcoming language boundaries.

The name 'Planta-R' holds deep meaning in Portuguese. Derived from "Plantar," it symbolizes planting seeds of motivation with ReFi stories from Portuguese-speaking communities. Additionally, "Planta" translates to "blueprint," reflecting the goal of creating a design for a future where technology and sustainability coexist seamlessly.

Watch the first episode of Planta-R with Susanne and Catarina of ImpactMarket

If you don't speak Portuguese, you can still enjoy this podcast by turning on the on the automated captions on YouTube.

Harmonizing Humanity with Nature: The Future of Regenerative Economies 🌎🌍🌏

John and Rica discuss the concept of survival, intrinsic to human nature and playing a pivotal role in the evolving dynamics of capitalism, especially as we begin to acknowledge the intrinsic value of nature. This shift is not only about recognizing natural resources but also about valuing humans as an integral part of the natural ecosystem. The transition towards a regenerative economy, one that can flourish and sustain itself on a global scale, hinges on this very principle.

A sustainable future calls for a system of systems, where both the environment and human societies thrive. It's about planning for the long-term - not just five or two years, but for generations to come.

This episode covers:

[00:02:29] Who is Rica Amaral And What Is Planta-R?
[00:07:53] Regenerative Stories From The Portuguese-speaking Community
[00:11:19] ReFi Anchored In Local Cultures
[00:16:24] The Evolution Of ReFi 
[00:23:57] Rica’s Journey at Celo
[00:28:17] Where Are We Now In ReFi?
[00:32:04] Silvi’s Evolution
[00:36:30] Shifting Capitalism
[00:40:05] The Natural Capital Economy
[00:45:13] Inner And Outer Regeneration
[00:47:50] The Volatility Of ReFi
[00:54:49] Learn More About Planta-R

The Second Episode Of Planta-R Is Now LIVE! πŸŽ‰

Join Rica in the second episode of Planta-R, where he dives into the challenging journey of building communities with Beatriz Fonseca from the Traditional Dream Factory. Discover how the TDF, an innovative co-living project in Portugal, combines regeneration, blockchain, and human collaboration. In this episode, we explore the challenges and triumphs of creating a community from scratch, focusing on a regenerative economic model.

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