Launching Planta-R and Vagabonds Podcasts! 🎙️📻🎉

We are celebrating the launch of two incredible podcasts in Spanish and Portuguese - Vagabonds and Planta-R! Here is an overview of what you can expect!

Launching Planta-R and Vagabonds Podcasts! 🎙️📻🎉

In an ecosystem where content is produced predominantly in English, we are incredibly excited to announce two new, groundbreaking podcasts, part of the Source Studios network – Planta-R in Portuguese and Vagabonds in Spanish! 👏

The introduction of regeneration-focused content in Spanish and Portuguese opens up a new realm of inclusivity and perspective in the global financial conversation.

Spanish and Portuguese, spoken by hundreds of millions across the globe, are more than just languages. They are cultural bridges, connecting diverse communities with unique experiences and viewpoints. By embracing these languages in the space of regenerative finance and regeneration in general, we unlock insights, strategies, and wisdom that were previously unheard.

Without further ado, let's discover Planta-R and Vagabonds! 🎉🎙️👇

Planta-R: A Blueprint for a Regenerative Future 🪷

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Planta-R, breaks new ground by offering content in Portuguese, expanding the reach and impact of the transformative message of regenerative projects to a global audience, and transcending language barriers.

The name 'Planta-R' is a play on words with profound significance in Portuguese. "Plantar" means "to plant," signifying the sowing of seeds of inspiration through ReFi stories from Portuguese-speaking communities. Simultaneously, "Planta" can also mean "blueprint," representing the aim to draft a blueprint for a regenerative future where technology and sustainability are intertwined harmoniously.

Meet the Host: Rica Amaral🎙️👏

At the helm of Planta-R, we are honoured to have Rica Amaral. Rica is a pioneer in the regenerative ecosystem with a passion for sustainable development and expertise in financial systems which makes him the ideal voice to guide us through the complex yet fascinating world of ReFi.

His unique perspective, cultivated through extensive experience and a deep understanding of both technology and finance, brings a refreshing and insightful approach to the podcast.

With Rica behind the mic, Planta-R becomes a platform for learning, inspiration, and transformative ideas coming from humans of different and often underrepresented backgrounds.

The First Episode of Planta-R Is LIVE! 👇🪩

Join Rica in a captivating conversation with Susanne Zapelão and Catarina N. from impactMarket. This episode delves deep into the transformative power of unconditional basic income and its potential to revolutionize communities. The discussion gives an insight into how such financial models can contribute to sustainable and equitable growth.

TIP: If you don't speak Portuguese or Spanish, you can still enjoy the episode by turning on the automated captions on YouTube. 😉

Acknowledging the Support Behind the Scenes ❤️

A heartfelt shoutout to John Ellison, Lee Rael, ReFi Lisboa, and Bairro Up Films for their invaluable support in bringing this project to life. Their contributions have been instrumental in realizing the vision of Planta-R.

Pura Vida With The Vagabonds Podcast In Spanish 🌴🥥

Alongside Planta-R we are incredibly excited to present Vagabonds, a podcast in Spanish where curiosity meets passion, and the topics of regeneration and technology come alive. This podcast stands as a space for individuals seeking to renew their connections with the planet, others, and themselves. It's more than just a series of discussions; it's an inspiration to join a global movement of like-minded vagabonds.

The Vagabonds Podcast will feature a mosaic of passionate individuals from various fields, each contributing their unique perspectives on regeneration. These guests are pragmatic visionaries, tirelessly working to bring their passions to fruition. They will offer diverse viewpoints, providing a rich learning experience.

Check out the pilot episode, where Karla and Ranulfo share more about the idea and mission of Vagabonds. 👇

But, why 'Vagabonds'? 🤔

The name 'Vagabonds' encapsulates the essence of the podcast. It symbolizes a journey of exploration, not just geographically but also intellectually and spiritually. The term represents the quest for knowledge and the desire to tread new paths in the realms of regeneration and technology.

Meet the Hosts: Karla and Ranulfo 🎙️🎤

  • Karla Córdoba Brenes: A communicator by profession, Karla's journey traverses three distinct life stages - from a marketing and advertising professional to an NGO worker focusing on environmental issues, and now, a technology enthusiast. Her multifaceted career reflects her perpetual quest for improvement and learning. Karla's interests are diverse, from gardening and cooking to engaging deeply with complex topics.
  • Ranulfo Paiva Barbosa: Involved with blockchain technology and other DLTs since 2009, Ranulfo brings a Brazilian-Costa Rican perspective, adding depth and detail to the discussions. With a Ph.D. and a postdoctoral degree in Economics and Environmental Cryptoassets for Sustainability, his insights span various domains, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and the regeneration of ideas.

Where does our clothing come from? 👕 S1Ep2

How does the industry that dresses us every day work? Episode 2 of Vagabonds is now live! Karla and Ranulfo are joined by Oscar Toribio Hernández, an agricultural engineer, artist, fashion designer, entrepreneur, leader and change agent from the world of luxury, zero-waste fashion, from Costa Rica.

In this episode, they delve into the complex layers of the fashion industry, from the agricultural roots to the final product, and understand how ethical practices can transform not only garments but also lives and environments.

Thank you for your support! ❤️🎙️

Planta-R and Vagabonds are at the forefront of a new era of regenerative ecosystems, reaching broader audiences with their engaging and thought-provoking conversations in Spanish and Portuguese.

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