Redesigning Money with Karla Córdoba-Brenes │ S3Ep20 🎧

Karla, the visionary behind Cambiatus, ReFi Costa Rica and Vagabonds Podcast, is pioneering regeneration by empowering communities with innovative local currencies and technology-driven solutions.

Redesigning Money with Karla Córdoba-Brenes │ S3Ep20 🎧

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Anna here, sharing the latest episode of ReFi Podcast, where John Ellison welcomed Karla Córdoba-Brenes, a multifaceted entrepreneur and visionary behind an array of groundbreaking ventures.

Karla is not just the founder of Cambiatus, ReFi Costa Rica, and Vagabonds Labs but also the new co-host of the podcast "Vagabonds," which delves into the narrative of regeneration in Latin America and the Spanish-speaking world. Alongside her co-host, husband, and business partner, Ranulfo, Karla has embarked on a remarkable journey, engaging with pioneering leaders across various industries who are charting their unique courses in the realm of regeneration.

One of Karla's initiatives, Cambiatus, is a pioneer in crafting tools for community currencies. This innovative approach allows local communities to establish new forms of money that truly resonate with their intrinsic values and priorities. Moreover, Karla gives us a sneak peek into her upcoming projects within the Starknet ecosystem. Her work is at the cutting edge of technology, incorporating elements like zero-knowledge proofs to serve communities more effectively. Karla’s dedication and innovative spirit never cease to amaze.

In this episode, you will:

  • 🌱 Discover how Karla is pioneering the path of regeneration in Latin America, diving into stories that bridge language barriers and cultural divides.
  • 💡 Learn about the innovative financial solutions Karla is spearheading with Cambiatus, enabling communities to create currencies that reflect their core values and support local initiatives.
  • 🔄 Gain insights into Karla's personal journey of resilience and regeneration, understanding how pivotal life moments have shaped her perspective and fueled her mission to drive positive change.

Exploring Regeneration in Spanish: Vagabonds Podcast 🌴

Vagabonds is a podcast in Spanish where curiosity meets regeneration and technology. It's a space for individuals seeking to renew their connections with the planet and an open invitation to join the global movement of vagabonds.

Why "Vagabonds"? The name signifies a journey of exploration, not just in terms of physical geography but also intellectual and spiritual exploration. The term "vagabond" represents the pursuit of knowledge and the desire to venture into uncharted territories, particularly in the realms of regeneration and technology.

Vagabonds spotlight the regenerative scene in the Spanish-speaking world, but it also serves as the first Spanish podcast in the family. It's an invitation to venture into the regenerative realm, encouraging a broader audience to embrace blockchain and technologies for planetary and personal regeneration.

Is a celebration of regeneration, featuring conversations with leaders from diverse fields including technology, fashion, and community business. It delves into a variety of topics from the technicalities of artificial intelligence and supply chains to the more personal narratives of entrepreneurship and the transformative journey from specialist to business leader. Emphasizing regenerative principles, Karla and Ranulfo explore how these innovators make impactful decisions, create products, and build services.

Cambiatus: Pioneering Regenerative Solutions Through Technology 🗺️

Organizations using Cambiatus

Cambiatus is a blockchain-based platform and project that focuses on creating tools and solutions to support the development of community currencies and collaborative economies. The project was initiated in 2017 and has since evolved to adapt to changing technology and community needs.

At its core, Cambiatus aims to empower local communities to create and manage their own digital currencies. These community currencies are designed to reflect the values and priorities of the specific community using them. It allows communities to establish their own local economies, promote collaboration, and support local initiatives, including art, ecological restoration, and more.

Karla shares that, as technology advances, Cambiatus looks ahead to "Cambiatus 2.0" and embraces cutting-edge solutions such as Starknet's tech and zero-knowledge proofs. The project's ultimate goal is to enable communities to take control of their local economies and create positive impacts by connecting people and solving problems in a collaborative and regenerative way.

This episode covers:

[00:03:22] The Launch of Vagabonds Podcast
[00:05:51] Englightning Conversations 
[00:09:24] High-Level Overview Of Karla’s Ventures
[00:22:00] The Catalyst Moment For Well-Being
[00:28:58] The Ruth Cause Of Our Current Condition
[00:34:07] Redesigning Money
[00:40:40] Sacred Economics
[00:46:06] Implementing Blockchain-Backed Community Currencies
[00:50:45] Starknet, Vagabond Labs and Zero Knowledge Proof

ReFi Costa Rica 🌱

2023 was a year marked by significant strides for the ReFi Local Node in Costa Rica, with the inaugural Encuentro ReFi Costa Rica forging a synergy between leaders and interested people in the web3 space. This synergy was further catalyzed by a pioneering incubator program, meticulously designed to nurture and accelerate ReFi initiatives.

In 2024, ReFi Costa Rica will be working on the establishment of the ReFi Collaborative Business Incubator, a visionary platform set to attract pivotal seed capital and propel the ongoing and future projects into their next evolutionary phase. Complementing this is the commitment to sustain the monthly ReFi Meetups, a collaborative effort with Cripto Cantina.

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