ReFi & Ecological Benefits Framework - Whats Next?

Explore the transformative journey of the Ecological Benefits Framework (EBF), the launch of ReFi EBF, and what's coming next...

ReFi & Ecological Benefits Framework - Whats Next?



Starting with six words – Air, Water, Soil, Biodiversity, Equity, and Carbon β€“ the Ecological Benefits Framework (EBF) is an adaptive way for anyone to explain impact with a simple and intuitive visual language. From here, we have the opportunity to create holistic approaches for aligning economic activity with the regeneration of our planet. ReFi EBF is a partnership between ReFi DAO & The Lexicon to intertwine and enhance the Ecological Benefits Framework within the ecosystem of Regenerative Finance (ReFi) and Web3 technology. We seek to fuel a transformative initiative, uniting diverse stakeholders under a common language and framework, and propelling us from an era of extraction to the age of regeneration.  As the EBF community aims to embark on ambitious initiatives in 2024, collective participation is key and there are many ways to be involved!

But first...

Support ReFi EBF in GG19!

ReFi EBF is live in the Gitcoin Grants 19 (GG19) Climate Solutions Round - ReFi EBF: Activating the Ecological Benefits Framework πŸ‰ -your support would be hugely valued!


For the past 12 thousand years, we have perfected an economic system based on extraction.

Now, everything is converging …

  • Climate change.
  • Water scarcity.
  • Biodiversity loss.
  • Rampant inequity.
  • Lack of trust in carbon markets.
  • Fractured ESG reporting.

... and everything’s at stake.

Where do we go from here?

In the face of a complex web of existential crises, carbon and other impact markets have the potential to be a key part of the solution. Yet carbon markets themselves face a number of fundamental challenges currently hindering their impact and growth - opacity, misinformation, extraction, fragmentation and the resulting lack of trust. Furthermore, it is abundantly clear that carbon remains only one part of the challenge. In overcoming 'carbon tunnel vision', holistic approaches are desperately needed to tackle biodiversity loss, growing inequality, and a range of other social, environmental and economic challenges.

How should we value carbon alongside other social and ecological impacts? Can we express the value of our ecosystems holistically? Can we realign human activity with the health of people, planet, and the biosphere?

A New Paradigm 🌱

In September 2022, hundreds of stakeholders across carbon markets, ReFi, blockchain, Web3, conservation, regenerative agriculture, and corporate ESG reporting began an activator led by The Lexicon to develop a more equitable framework in response to climate change (and much more). The process mobilzed experts across distinct value chains to activate a new framework that can align carbon markets, financial decision-making, ESG reporting and the expansive impact economy...

You can read more about this activator in the article below πŸ‘‡

A Common Framework for ReFi | EBF Activator x ReFi DAO 🌱
What actually is ReFi? What is Regeneration? How should we measure & compare projects?

The focus of this process was EBF - the Ecological Benefits Framework - and it begins with six words:

  • Air.
  • Water.
  • Soil.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Equity.
  • (And carbon.)

Starting from here, EBF can provide a foundational new architecture to radically transform global carbon and ecological benefits markets both by increasing transparency, trust, quality, and equity, and by accelerating the coordinated delivery of positive financial and environmental impacts. By developing a shared framework, EBF can create alignment across public and private sectors to support the rapid deployment of strategic capital for activities that create measurable, holistic and life-affirming ecological impacts.

Bluetooth is an enabling technology. It is the digital handshake that lets your mobile phone talk to your car, your refrigerator, and even your front door. Can we create a digital handshake for the planet?

Dive deeper on the Ecological Benefits Framework with ReFi Podcast Season 3 Episode 11 🎧

The Ecological Benefits Framework with Douglas Gayeton and Monty Bryant β”‚ Season 3 Episode 11 🎧
In the latest ReFi Podcast episode, we welcomed Douglas Gayeton from The Lexicon and Monty Bryant from ReFi DAO to discuss the Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF). Get ready for an enlightening discussion on the potential of the EBF to foster unity and promote a sustainable future.

Progress So Far...

Through a combination of funding from RippleBxC, and an initial EBF Gitcoin Grant, many key milestones have been reached. Phase 1 of the EBF roadmap is concluding.

Phase I Highlights...

A Universal Language to Explain Ecological Benefits & Practices βœ…

The Lexicon helped EBF members develop Lex Icons, an eminently useful, peer-reviewed visual language of over 2500+ terms and machine-readable icons that bridge cultural barriers, increase literacy, and help establish consensus for how we create positive impacts to meet the globe’s greatest challenges.

Completion of 24 EBF Case Studies from Around the World βœ…

An open call for ecological benefit projects from across the globe led to hundreds of submissions, from ocean plastic removal in Indonesia to forestry projects in Sri Lanka. The activator selected and on-boarded 24 diverse project case studies with an EBF analysis that showcases their unique contributions and impacts.

Digital Fingerprints for EBF Projects βœ…

A groundbreaking step forward has been the creation of digital fingerprints for EBF projects. This innovative approach provides a standardized yet personalized format for entities to express their positive impacts visually and interactively. The use of Lex Icons further enhances this by providing a clear and standardized language to improve literacy and decision-making across the entire value chain.

Financing Ecological Benefits Interactive Simulator βœ…

The interactive β€œFinancing Ecological Benefits” simulator has been developed to illuminate the complex dynamics between the financial markets and ecological projects. Leveraging the insights from our 24 case studies, this tool demonstrates the mechanisms through which financial instruments can value ecological benefits, thereby shaping how various purchasers β€” from sovereign nations to philanthropic institutions β€” can support and invest in these vital attributes.

But all of this is just the beginning. In order to create maximum impact, we must individually and collectively work to align diverse sectors and stakeholders in support of building and adopting these common language & frameworks.. The more thought-leading people and organizations that join this process the better!

ReFi EBF - Activating Ecological Benefits in the ReFi Ecosystem

Through application of EBF, the ReFi ecosystem can unlock an array of new ideas, opportunities, tools and connections to achieve substantial progress in realizing regenerative impact goals. But how can we foster a community fluent in EBF, stimulate shared alignment and adoption, and enable a fully EBF-empowered ReFi landscape? With support from a diverse set of stakeholders, ReFi EBF is a partnership between ReFi DAO & The Lexicon to infuse the Ecological Benefits Framework (EBF) into the heart of the ReFi & Web3 ecosystem.

Aims and Outcomes

We believe that EBF will serve as a foundational framework for evaluating genuine ecological impact within the Web3 & ReFi domain, and beyond. The ReFi EBF project aspires to:

  • Support & Incubate: Catalyze and support EBF-aligned projects and initiatives within the ReFi ecosystem.
  • Educate & Communicate: Deploy educational campaigns and media to spread the EBF mission.
  • Fund & Foster: Direct grant funds to encourage and assist promising ReFi EBF projects and initiatives.

Support ReFi EBF πŸ™

ReFi EBF: Activating the Ecological Benefits Framework πŸ‰ is live in the Gitcoin Grants 19 (GG19) Climate Solutions Round - your support and contribution can make a substantial difference. Join us in this transformative journey as we strive to redefine the impact space with new regenerative solutions.

Case Studies & Collaborations

Current progress within the ReFi sector has demonstrated a strong appetite and growing adoption for EBF. Notable initial developments include:

  • Regen Network is charting new territory by creating inclusive markets for ecological benefits that recognize and value not just carbon but also biodiversity, water, and social contributions. Such a pioneering approach hinges on a unified language that unites a spectrum of stakeholders.
  • Open Earth Foundation  is tackling the intrinsic valuation of nature and ecological systems, leveraging EBF as a common language to articulate shared natural value.
  • Hack ReFi is aligning its hackathon efforts with EBF, uniting forces to advance the regenerative finance movement.
  • Sunflower Eco-Tech  is implementing EBF in their Adaptive Agroforestry methodology for smallholder farmers to issue practice-based ecological assets that are contextualized into each bioregion.
  • dMeter, Hypercert FoundationSilvi, & Spark Eco are each in the early stages of exploring the potential for on-chain EBF MRV, credit creation, and new impact funding systems...

πŸ’‘ Considering how EBF could be adopted by your project or organisation? Or want to pledge support? Reach out to @EcoBenefitFrame or @Monty Merlin.

What’s Next for EBF in 2024?

Phase II Initiatives...

With Phase 1 of the EBF roadmap complete, there are some exciting plans for what is coming next!


Foster a marketplace for projects with positive ecological impacts, blending both quantitative and qualitative measurement methods. Key initiatives include a MRV Curated Library to compile effective methodologies, development of iMRV to incorporate indigenous knowledge, micro-grants to encourage innovative methodologies, and EBF-Enabled certification for exemplary projects.


Building consensus and adoption through sector-specific translation tools. These tools will standardize frameworks for impact investments and corporate ESG reporting, improve carbon market interoperability, and align the UN Sustainable Development Goals with the six ecological benefits.


Development of an EBF Commons to establish a sustainable organisation for the ongoing stewardship of the EBF framework with diverse stakeholders and beneficiaries. Getting there involves the c0-creation of governance and organisational structures, diverse revenue streams and membership benefits, and integrating across existing and future market platforms and partners.

For the undertaking of phase II, a new activator program is being planned for 2024...

Come Get Involved!

The journey towards a regenerative future is not a solitary one. It requires the confluence of innovative minds, committed organizations, and dedicated individuals all working in unison. Our shared mission to establish a common language and framework for ecological benefits is more than just a collaborative effortβ€”it is a movement that thrives on the collective support and action of each one of us.

As the EBF community aims to embark on ambitious initiatives in 2024, it is inviting new stakeholders to join in this transformative journey. Follow @EcoBenefitFrame for updates, subscribe to the newsletter, or reach out to the team! Furthermore, support the ReFi EBF grant, and be a part of shaping an ecosystem of regeneration, resilience, and rebirth for our planet.

Transformational new systems for public good require collective action AND collective support. Together, let's turn the Age of Regeneration into our new reality. πŸŒ±