The Ecological Benefits Framework with Douglas Gayeton and Monty Bryant β”‚ Season 3 Episode 11 🎧

In the latest ReFi Podcast episode, we welcomed Douglas Gayeton from The Lexicon and Monty Bryant from ReFi DAO to discuss the Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF). Get ready for an enlightening discussion on the potential of the EBF to foster unity and promote a sustainable future.

The Ecological Benefits Framework with Douglas Gayeton and Monty Bryant β”‚ Season 3 Episode 11 🎧

In the latest episode of ReFi Podcast, host John Ellison welcomes two guests who are at the forefront of sustainable innovation. Joining him are Douglas Gayeton from The Lexicon and Monty Bryant from ReFi DAO, who will be diving deep into the groundbreaking concept of the Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF).

Our discussion with Douglas and Monty promises to be an enlightening journey, revealing the inspiring potential of the EBF to unite people from various backgrounds under a shared vision of a better, more sustainable future.

In this episode, you will:

🌍 Discover the Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF) and its impact in bringing together over 200 organizations to identify six crucial benefits for worldwide ecological initiatives.

🀝 Understand the connection between EBF, ESG, Carbon Markets, and how they can work together to promote sustainable development.

πŸ’‘ Gain insights from Douglas Gayeton and Monty Merlin on the importance of various forms of capital in advancing positive environmental change.

As you tune into this episode, we hope it ignites your interest in sustainable change and offers new perspectives on how we can collectively work towards this goal.

This episode covers:

[00:01:58] What Is EBF And What Is It For?
[00:08:39] Monty’s Journey Building EBF
[00:10:49] The Response to EBF
[00:15:03] A New Framework to Measure Impact
[00:18:23] Use Case For EBF: Biochar & Biodiversity
[00:23:38] A Digital Handshake For The Planet
[00:30:41] How Can EBF Be Valued From A Financial Perspective 
[00:34:58] Financing Ecological Benefits: The Simulator With The Lexicon
[00:40:57] The Connection Between ReFi And EBF
[00:43:40] The Role Of Blockchain In The Implementation Of EBF
[00:52:52] Where Is EBF Heading
[00:55:55] The ReFi Local Node Model & EBF
[01:01:20] The Participatory Guarantee System
[01:04:12] The Connection Between ReFi And EBF
[01:04:45] Douglas’ Secret Sauce
[01:08:21] A New Opportunity

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The Emergence of the Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF) 🌱

Douglas began by introducing the Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF), a concept that was born out of an unplanned yet remarkable journey. He recounted his 15-year experience in the sustainability sector, starting as a storyteller in TV shows, explaining sustainability and its key practitioners. This path led him to create artworks, exhibits, and books to articulate the core principles of sustainability.

Douglas's work caught the attention of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), leading to a collaboration on the "growing organic" platform. This initiative aimed to transition farmers from conventional to organic agriculture. Interestingly, the project evolved into helping the USDA redefine their approach to communicating with farmers.

What is EBF?

The Ecological Benefit Framework (EBF) is a unifying, neutral protocol co-created with academics, practitioners, and stakeholders. It broadens the scope of carbon markets to encompass a suite of ecological benefits: air, water, soil, biodiversity, equity, and carbon.

The EBF serves as a 'digital handshake' for sustainability efforts, providing a common language and criteria for diverse ecological initiatives while fostering the development of methodologies to measure these outcomes.

The Six Pillars of Ecological Benefits 🀝

One of the significant achievements Monty highlighted was the ability to distill complex environmental concepts into six simple, yet powerful words: air, water, soil, biodiversity, equity, and carbon. This approach contrasted sharply with the often verbose and unfocused nature of traditional Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reports or the narrow focus of carbon markets. By boiling down impact projects to these fundamental elements, Monty underscored the framework's effectiveness in conveying the essence of ecological impact.

Source: A Common Framework for ReFi | EBF Activator x ReFi DAO 🌱 by Monty Bryant

Beyond Green Rhetoric: Measuring Real Impact πŸƒ

They emphasized the evolution from simply discussing sustainability in abstract terms to measuring tangible impacts on the ground. This shift is crucial in transitioning from the 'Green Wave' of sustainability to a more grounded approach. By quantifying the actual effects on the planet, this framework aligns finance and resources towards initiatives that generate the most ecological benefits.

ReFi and Regeneration: A Holistic Approach πŸ’§

Monty sees the framework as a solution to realign regenerative finance (ReFi) with the goal of regenerating the planet. This holistic perspective is essential for directing global efforts towards sustainable practices that have a meaningful impact. He views this framework as a potential universal language to coordinate global actions in saving the planet.

Support ReFi EBF On Gitcoin Grants 19 🌟

With an aim to activate EBF into the heart of the ReFi ecosystem, ReFi EBF is a strategic partnership between ReFi DAO and The Lexicon. With the funds raised from the GG19 grant proposal, they will be specifically focusing on supporting the development and deployment of EBF in ReFi projects, tools and initiatives.

The mission is to seamlessly integrate the Ecological Benefits Framework with Web3 and the ReFi ecosystem, fostering a community fluent in EBF and enabling a fully EBF-empowered ReFi landscape. Through the application of EBF, the ReFi ecosystem can unlock an array of tools, ideas, opportunities and connections to achieve substantial progress in realizing regenerative impact goals.

EBF represents more than just a set of principlesβ€”it's a call to action. This framework could unlock the potential to coordinate worldwide efforts to preserve the environment.

Source: A Common Framework for ReFi | EBF Activator x ReFi DAO 🌱 by Monty Bryant

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