Regeneration Inside & Out with Moniek van Erven from Oyasin β”‚S3Ep14 🎧

Check out the latest ReFi Podcast episode featuring Moniek van Erven, a luminary in finance and spiritual regeneration. Through Oyasin, Moniek guides entrepreneurs and leaders in profound personal transformation and healing, utilizing sacred medicine to facilitate deep change.

Regeneration Inside & Out with Moniek van Erven from Oyasin β”‚S3Ep14 🎧

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In this episode,
John Ellison welcomes Moniek van Erven, a dynamic figure who bridges the worlds of finance and spiritual regeneration. Moniek is a visionary who has journeyed deep into the realms of personal transformation. Through her company Oyasin, she has been guiding entrepreneurs, executives and leaders through deep healing and transformation with sacred medicine.

John met Moniek during his own quest for inner regeneration, a path that led him through nature's serene embrace and the profound insights of sacred medicine. This experience not only realigned his sense of self but also deepened his commitment to a larger mission of bringing about positive change in the world.

Moniek's story is captivating. From spearheading projects in diverse locations like India, South Africa, and Portugal, to her evolution into a guiding force for leaders seeking to make a significant impact, her journey is a testament to the power of looking inward to effect outward change. In this conversation, John and Moniek delve into how personal transformation is integral to making a meaningful difference in the world.

Prepare yourself to be intrigued by Moniek's unique approach to combining her financial expertise with her work in sacred medicine, particularly her focus on helping leaders reflect their ambitions in their personal experiences, thoughts, emotions, and relationships.

This episode covers:

[00:03:03] Guided Meditation
[00:07:15] Who is Moniek van Erven?
[00:11:43] 20 Minutes of Stillness
[00:19:52] One Giant Leap
[00:26:13] A Force For Good
[00:31:02] The Fear Of The Unknown
[00:40:52] Ayahuasca Medicine And Its Role In The Amazon
[00:47:55] The Great Divide In Our Society
[00:57:55] An Invitation To Create Time
[01:08:56] Money: The Primary Coordination Vehicle
[01:10:40] Your Unique Gifts
[01:20:46] Getting In Touch

One Giant Leap ⛰️

Moniek launched a technology incubator for black-owned businesses in South Africa, named "One Giant Leap." This venture provided support to diverse enterprises, from township waste management to city-based IT companies. Her role evolved from offering business advice to nurturing the personal growth of business leaders, recognizing the intrinsic link between an entrepreneur's identity and their business.

A pivotal moment came with an initiative in India, where instead of accepting a lucrative offer from the United Nations, Moniek chose to empower local women by giving them the assets of the company. This decision reflected a deep commitment to purpose over profit highlighting the importance of self-care and balance, integrating entrepreneurial and spiritual paths, and embracing a holistic approach to success and service.

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