Regenerative Leadership with Dom Francks │ S3Ep24 🎧

Dive into the synergy of regenerative coaching, wilderness exploration, and climate leadership with Dom Francks, the visionary behind VIVIFY.

Regenerative Leadership with Dom Francks │ S3Ep24 🎧

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Welcome to the latest episode of ReFi Podcast, where we explore the fascinating intersection of executive coaching, wilderness exploration, and climate leadership. In this episode, host
John Ellison sits down with Dom Francks, the Founder, Lead Guide & Coach of VIVIFY, bringing a fresh perspective to the table as a wilderness guide dedicated to supporting climate leaders who often find themselves disconnected from nature, the world around them, and their highest calling.

Dom's story is as intriguing as it is inspiring. With a background that spans studying at Stanford, nearly a decade of training to become a professional golfer, and contributing to a renewable energy company, Dom's path has been anything but linear. However, it's this diverse range of experiences that led him to discover his true passion: combining his love for the great outdoors with his skill in leadership coaching. Dom made the bold leap to become a full-time executive coach and wilderness guide, dedicating himself to helping individuals connect deeply with nature and understand their unique role in the regenerative transition.

VIVIFY: A Regenerative Leadership Program 🌲

Source: VIVIFY

One of Dom's standout initiatives is the VIVIFY Regenerative Leadership Program. This 12-week journey is designed to connect leaders through an immersive 8-day retreat in the High Sierras. Participants have the opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, engage with the wilderness on a profound level, and emerge with a renewed sense of direction and energy. The program is a testament to Dom's belief in the transformative power of nature and its role in fostering leadership that can effectively address today's environmental crises.

Applications are now open for the VIVIFY Regenerative Leadership Program! Join an 8-day off-trail wilderness backpacking expedition in the majestic High Sierra. which also includes 3 months of online leadership coaching, both leading up to and following the immersive experience.

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For anyone interested in learning more about Dom Francks and his innovative approach to leadership and personal growth, his website serves as a gateway to exploration. Whether you're a seasoned climate leader or simply someone seeking a deeper connection with nature and yourself, Dom's VIVIFY program could be the transformative experience you've been searching for.

As we wrap up this blog post, we invite you to reflect on your own connection to the natural world and your role in the broader environmental movement.

This episode covers: 

[00:04:22] Who Is Dom Francks?
[00:08:50] Working on the Climate Crisis
[00:12:45] Immersing People In Nature
[00:18:27] Our Separation From Nature
[00:22:35] The Nature Pyramid
[00:28:42] VIVIFY’s Regenerative Leadership Program
[00:35:40] Changes Taking Place
[00:44:30] Tools For Regenerative Leadership
[00:49:50] Long-Term Regenerative Livelihood
[00:59:20] Communities Building A Regenerative Way Of Life
[01:04:20] Getting Involved

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In a world increasingly disconnected from the natural environment, how might reconnecting with the wilderness not only transform our leadership but also the way we approach the existential challenges of our time?

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