Vision For a New $EARTH with Utkarsh Patel β”‚ S3Ep22 🎧

Join us as we explore $EARTH Coin with Utkarsh Patel of Solarpunk DAO, showcasing how blockchain enables a shift to regenerative finance.

Vision For a New $EARTH with Utkarsh Patel β”‚ S3Ep22 🎧

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Welcome back to another episode of ReFi Podcast where we're thrilled to bring you an insightful conversation with a visionary guest,
Utkarsh Patel from Solarpunk DAO. Our discussion revolves around their recent groundbreaking release of $EARTH Coin, a token that embodies the ideals of a solarpunk future, enabling a seamless transition from petrochemical finance to regenerative finance.

NOTE: This episode serves purely for educational purposes and is not intended as investment counsel or an offering of any service.

Utkarsh's story is fascinating and deeply inspiring. From a very young age, he has immersed himself in nature, striving to understand the underlying causes of today's most pressing environmental issues, such as climate change, biodiversity collapse, and topsoil degradation. His insights offer a unique perspective on how interconnected and complex these crises are, and how a solarpunk future can serve as a light of hope and action.

$EARTH: A Currency Backed by Climate Solutions 🌱

$EARTH coin is a pioneering initiative leveraging blockchain technology to fuel global climate action, with the goal of achieving zero CO2 emissions within 30 years by fostering a transition to a solarpunk infrastructure. This project seeks to overcome the capital mobilization challenges for climate-positive projects in sectors such as clean energy, regenerative agriculture, clean transport, and ecosystem conservation. By becoming a perpetual partner to these projects, $EARTH ensures they face no capital constraints, aligning closely with its mission to build a sustainable and regenerative future.


Distinctively, $EARTH introduces a novel approach to cryptocurrency, minting its currency against investments in climate solutions, rather than traditional mining methods. This creates a currency backed by tangible climate action and essential utilities for humanity, promoting a sustainable, circular economy. $EARTH stands out by directly linking its value to the impact on climate solutions, offering an innovative platform for global participants to contribute to a solarpunk paradigm shift towards a greener, more sustainable world.

SolarpunkDAO also has introduced the Solarpunk Universe NFT collection, a digital tribute to the pioneers and visionaries sculpting this future in both the physical and digital domains.

This episode covers:

[00:02:54] Check-in with Utkarsh
[00:03:56] Utkarsh’s Commitment To Climate Action
[00:14:07] What Is The Root Cause?
[00:28:38] $EARTH Coin and Real World Impact
[00:31:44] Project Supported By Solarpunk DAO
[00:35:21] Funding Traditional Projects
[00:40:55] Investing In Regeneration & Meme Coins
[00:43:26] Taking The Leap Into The Solarpunk Future
[00:46:33] The Tokenomics Of $EARTH Coin
[00:51:03] $EARTH & Glo Dollar
[00:57:32] How To Get Involved?

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This episode is a deep dive into the heart of what it means to envision a better future and take concrete steps towards realizing it. Utkarsh's journey and the work of Solarpunk DAO remind us that while the challenges we face are daunting, the path to sustainability and regeneration is filled with opportunities for innovation and collaboration. Join the conversation on Twitter and LinkedIn!

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