Building Regenerative Villages with Samuel Delesque β”‚ S3 E8 🎧

Sam Delesque chats with John Ellison about creating regenerative villages and the importance of stewardship in our interconnected world.

Building Regenerative Villages with Samuel Delesque β”‚ S3 E8 🎧

In this week's episode of ReFi Podcast, John Ellison had the opportunity to sit down with Sam Delesque, a software engineer turned regen village builder, who is at the forefront of constructing a network of regenerative villages.

Stewardship In The Age Of Regeneration πŸ‘

The conversation between John and Sam takes us to the Traditional Dream Factory (TDF), located in Abela, just an hour and a half south of Lisbon. There, Sam and his team have created an incredible co-living and co-working space that is harmoniously integrated with a permaculture farm and is already making significant strides in reforesting the area with hundreds of trees.

Importantly, this project is not an isolated endeavour, but is in collaboration with the local village of Abela, ensuring that the benefits of this regenerative approach are shared and enjoyed by the wider community.

As we dive into our conversation with Sam, we get an inside look at his vision for a new model of living - one that moves away from the traditional concept of ownership and instead embraces stewardship in the age of regeneration.

This episode covers:

[00:00:00] Teaser
[00:00:48] Introduction
[00:03:22] Guided Meditation
[00:06:09] Money's Shift: From Degenerative Finance to Regenerative Crypto with OASA
[00:07:33] The Big Picture of Oasa: From Ownership to Stewardship
[00:10:18] Oasa & TDF: What? How? And For Whom?
[00:13:21] How To Get Involved with the Traditional Dream Factory
[00:16:00] The Story Behind Starting a Network Of Villages
[00:18:14] Balancing Life Between Web3 and Nature
[00:21:30] The Story of Separation
[00:24:03] Building Closer & TDF
[00:33:20] The Problems Of The Land In Abela
[00:37:29] Sam’s Personal Journey 
[00:43:08] Changing The Root Characteristics Of Money
[00:45:08] Nature Backed Society
[00:48:39] Capital Moving Towards a Regenerative State
[00:50:31] Getting Involved
[00:51:48] Upcoming: ReFi Week At TDF
[00:53:35] Sam’s Work and What’s Next

The Story of Separation 🌳

Sam sheds light on the "Story of Separation", a narrative that has become deeply ingrained in our educational and societal institutions, portraying humans as separate entities from nature, living within the confines of a technological industrial civilization. This separation, however, is a fallacy, as we are fundamentally composed of and connected to the natural world.

Source: Traditional Dream Factory

Every breath we take is a testament to our interconnectedness with nature; the oxygen we inhale is a gift from the surrounding plants, and our exhalation, in turn, becomes their inhalation. This circularity is evident in all natural systems, and understanding our integral role in this circle can profoundly change our self-perception.

Upcoming: ReFi Week @ TDF πŸ•οΈ

With the upcoming ReFi Week, taking place from October 27th to November 3rd at TDF, there will be ample opportunity to immerse yourself in this world, as leaders from across the ReFi space come together to share their insights and ideas.

This week isn't just about workshops and activities. It's a special chance for all of us to come together, dream up, and start writing the next chapter of ReFi DAO. We're going to figure out how we can use ReFi technologies all around the world.

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