Kicking Off The ReFi Event Organizers Guild! πŸͺ©

Kicking Off The ReFi Event Organizers Guild! πŸͺ©

Hey ReFi fam! πŸ‘‹

On February 14th, ReFi Spring officially merged with ReFi DAO, becoming its Event Organizers Guild. During its first season, ReFi Spring supported the organization of 27 ReFi events and, until now, has received 130+ applications. One thing has become clear - the interest in organizing ReFi events has grown exponentially.

The power of IRL events to sow the seeds of regeneration worldwide is huge, and it needs the support of this incredible community to reach every corner of our planet. 🌱

That’s where Event Organizers Guild emerges.

In this blog post, we’ll cover some key points:
1. What is the ReFi Event Organizers Guild
2. When is the Guild opening its doors
3. What can you expect
4. How to get involved

Let’s go! πŸš€

The new ReFi Event Organizers Guild logo

Friends, we present you the ReFi Event Organizers Guild πŸ—ΊοΈ

Imagine a place where event organizers, organizations and newcomers can find support and the opportunity to coordinate globally around the planning of ReFi events.

The members of the guild coordinate to build their local communities, define priorities, raise funds and set standards for ReFi events, all with the validation coming from grassroots organizations with the support of global partners. 🀝

Building the Guild will happen in 4 stages:

πŸ“œ Invitation: key organizations from the ReFi ecosystem and experienced event organizers are invited to join the designing of the guild.

πŸƒ Training: experts in different fields will host weekly sessions to help event organizers to get the most out of their events.

πŸ—οΈ Collaboration: synchronized ReFi events & gatherings will kick off in different parts of the world, built by the members of the guild to consolidate the powerful network effect.

βš™οΈ Coordination: the members of the guild will participate in the creation of the next season of ReFi events

So, when do we start? 🏁

We are super excited to share that the Event Organizers Guild has officially kicked - off today, March 14th! πŸŽ‰

During the kickoff Twitter space, we:

  • Presented the vision of the Guild
  • Shared the topics of upcoming workshops

Find the full recording of the Twitter Space here πŸ‘‡

How can I join? 🀝

To join the Event Organizers Guild, make sure to:
1️ Fill in this Tally form so we can get to know you better
2️ Join the ReFi DAO Discord server here and pick the 🌱 emoji in the #start-here channel to access the Guild channel.

Upcoming Trainings πŸƒ

Every Tuesday, starting from March 21th, the Event Organizer Guild will host regular trainings inside ReFi DAO's Discord server in the #event-organizers-guild channel.

Make sure to join the first Intro Call with the Commons Stack!
πŸ“… When? March 21st
⏰ Pick the time that works best for you:
    - 3 PM UTC
    - 11 AM UTC
πŸ“ Where? In ReFi DAO's Discord Server
     - set a reminder for the 11 AM UTC call here
     - set a reminder for the 3 PM UTC call here

The upcoming trainings will feature topics such as:

  • Regenerative Event Design
  • How to Run a ReFi 101 Talk
  • Climate 101 Masterclass
  • Marketing of ReFi Events
    & more

What can you expect? ✨

The Guild has its sights set on establishing itself as the go-to platform for everyone looking to host ReFi events, with the goal of spreading the seeds of regeneration in their local communities.

As an event organizer, you’ll get the chance to tap into the collective intelligence of the community and all the resources that have been collected and prepared to support event organizers during two seasons of ReFi Spring events.

The members are expected to share their knowledge and experience with all the other guild members, and actively participate in building the tools and setting for the upcoming ReFi events.

If you are a perspective ReFi organizer, a local activist or a community builder, we can’t wait to meet you. πŸ‘

Sowing the seeds of regeneration through IRL events - ReFi PerΓΊ 2022

A huge THANK YOU to all the event organizers that have helped us arrive to this point with their feedback and suggestions.

Join the intro call of the Event Organizers Guild on March 21st, and follow ReFi DAO and ReFi Spring on Twitter to stay up to date with the upcoming trainings.

Peace! ✌️