Scalable Carbon Markets πŸ“ˆ πŸš€ | Roundup #56

Emerging technologies + carbon markets = greater reach, credibility, and scalability... Plus the latest news, updates, jobs and events in ReFi and beyond!

Scalable Carbon Markets πŸ“ˆ πŸš€ | Roundup #56

Hey Regens, it’s Raam here!

I am a DAO contributor working on coordination, governance, and operations at Gro DAO; and a member of the World Economic Forum (WEF)’s Crypto Sustainability Coalition. I believe in the programmability of Web3 to improve socioeconomic systems such that they create positive externalities for the planet and its people. It’s a true honor to be sharing my first ReFi Roundup with you!

This week, we’ll be looking at: the WEF’s recommendations for the Digital Voluntary and Regulated Carbon Markets, how Crypto can help local communities through ReFi, the SVB collapse’s impact on climate tech + the latest news, updates, jobs and events in ReFi and beyond!

Lets dive in πŸ‘‡

How Web3 technologies will mitigate climate change and lead to a regenerative future. Source: Midjourney

WEF Recommendations for the Digitisation of Carbon Markets 🌍

The WEF recently published a paper that explores carbon market challenges and the prospects of blockchain for lasting positive impact on the environment, society, and economy. Β 

Let's dive in πŸ‘‡πŸ½.

The paper "Recommendations for the Digital Voluntary and Regulated Carbon Markets" provides a digestible and impartial overview of the challenges created by digital carbon market technologies and the opportunities for blockchain technology-based approaches to expand the reach, credibility, and scalability of carbon markets.

It was developed by a varied group of stakeholders, including project developers, MRV (Measurement, Reporting, and Verification) providers, carbon marketplaces, blockchain foundations, and more... a mass-coordination effort. The aim is to educate key players like policymakers and corporate buyers for wider adoption of Web3-based climate solutions.

The top challenges πŸ€”

Source: @Finrenton

Recommendations to improve 🌿

1. Promoting inclusive, equitable, and transparent governance 🀲

... at both technological and human levels. This includes educating and supporting local project developers and vulnerable populations (such as women and local communities) in governance and benefit sharing - to avoid unequal representation of stakeholders such as land stewards, address power imbalances, and better understand nuanced topics such as indigenous land practices.

2. Create a more accessible marketplace through product definition and clarity πŸ“‹

There is a need to create a standardized system, with clear labels, attributes and pricing, to distinguish signal from noise. Using open and transparent platforms like decentralized MRV networks and blockchain boots confidence, simplifies participation, and helps integrate credit usage into industries.

3. Using emerging technologies for radical scalability Β πŸ–₯️

For instance, using satellite images, AI, and IoT sensors connected to blockchain and smart contracts can automate monitoring and verification, and enable digital native representations of these real-world assets. This increased transparency allows direct transactions between buyers and sellers, benefiting suppliers, project developers, and land stewards.

4. Interoperability and transparency across exchanges and platforms πŸ’‘

A successful carbon market needs diverse participants and innovative solutions that work together. Creating public APIs for blockchain data and a data standard for carbon credits, ensures easy access and compatibility. Such tools must be designed according to data usage needs and developing industry standards.

Next level carbon market

What does it mean for ReFi?

While new technologies aren't a cure-all, understanding them enables effective experimentation for tackling climate change.

ReFi's principles are aligned with these ideas, using blockchain and decentralized tech to involve more people and offer fair incentives for large-scale solutions.

ReFi NewsBites πŸ—žοΈ

The latest updates across ReFi Twitter and beyond...

Toucan History and Origins... 🐧

Toucan CEO and Co-Founder RaphaΓ«l Haupt dives into the story of how they saw over 20 million tonnes of carbon credits flow on chain within the first six months after launch. How did they get there, what did they learn, and what is next? Read more πŸ‘‡

Toucan | Digital Carbon Market Infrastructure
Applying a powerful set of tools to a complex set of problems: A stroll through Toucan’s history. How we got to where we are, and what we learned along the way.

ReFi for the People: How Crypto Can Help Local Communities Help Their Ecosystems

Coindesk article covers the importance of ReFi being embeded in local communities. They highlight the emerging ReFi Ecosystem in Suriname as a case study, which you can read more about in our review by Tim Goudzand - the Surinamese founder of - and the ReFi Spring team πŸ‘‡

The ReFi Ecosystem in Suriname πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡·
The settling of a formal ReFi community in Suriname, aligned around the principles of regeneration, collaboration, and mutual prosperity…

The Coindesk article also reflects on ReFi carbon markets and highlights an important quote from LucΓ­a Gallardo β€œWe need deeper discussions on underlying incentives and value dynamics to ensure we aren’t just digitizing and distributing the same processes that got us to where we are today.” πŸ’―

ReFi Lisboa β€” Emergence

What to learn what creating a network state to regenerate the earth really means? What it feels like? and meet other amazing people shared in this mission? The 2nd event from ReFi Lisboa kicks off on March 23rd. Come join a shelling point of founders, builders, and impact investors in the land of pastel de nata πŸ‡΅πŸ‡Ή

Here is what happened last time πŸ‘‡

Event Organizers Guild - Intro Call πŸ€™

How to run a successful ReFi event in your local community? Join us tomorrow (21st March) for our Intro Call discussing the newly announced Event Organizers Guild.

The call will take place in ReFi DAO's Discord server at two different times (to cover different time-zone needs):
πŸ•š 11 AM UTC
πŸ•’ 3 PM UTC

Important: After entering ReFi DAO's Discord, make sure to pick the 🌱 emoji in the #start-here channel. In this way, you'll be able to enter the Event Organizers Guild channel.

Climate Bank Collapse 🏦 πŸ“‰

Asides from being a crypto-friendly bank (whose closure led to the temporary USDC de-pegging), SVB was vital for climate tech. It had over 1,500 climate tech companies as customers and financed β‰ˆ60% of the American community solar market. FDIC has now reimbursed the bank's depositors, yet the lack of innovative banks sparks concerns about the industry's future...

Impact DAO Landscape ✨

General Magic πŸͺ„ released a beautiful second edition illustration of the latest and greatest Impact DAOs driving positive change.

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πŸ”₯ Projects of the Week

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Top 5 most-voted projects of the week at

  1. ✳️ Green Digital Guardians: a community of 'Green Digital Guardians' utlising Blockchain and NTFs for a decentralized and democratic model of environmental protection.
  2. πŸŸͺ Future Quest: a play-and-earn ecosystem committed to fixing our future. Help combat climate change and earn rewards along the way...
  3. 🌟 Regen Living: a collective impact initiative to develop and fund ecosystem prototypes and place-based pilot projects.
  4. 🌏 Nori: a transparent, verifiable, and high-quality carbon removal marketplace.
  5. 🌱 PopcornDAO: a DeFi protocol that allows users to earn high yield on cryptoassets while creating real world impact.

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Tim Rann of Mercy Corps Venture discusses impact investment in web3 & ReFi on Gregory Landua's Planetary regeneration podcast πŸ‘‡

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ReFi @Paris Blockchain Week 2023

(20 - 24 March in Paris, France): An event connecting ReFi and web 3 builders, devs, sustainability experts, citizens, creators and investors. It will focus on topics such as: digital identity, nature-based assets, tokenomics, ReFi network mapping and deep regeneration.

European Climate Summit

(28 - 30 March in Lisbon, Portugal): Discuss carbon markets with experts, tackling challenges and collaboration for net-zero emissions across Europe and beyond.

Measuring Climate Impact: theory & learnings from web3 ReFi projects

(28 March in Berlin, Germany): learn more about the theory and learnings from Web3/ ReFi projects about digital Measurement, Reporting, Verification.

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Step-by-step guide on how to start an impact DAO from Aragon

1️⃣ Define your mission

2️⃣ Set incentives and decide if you’re launching a token

3️⃣ Define your governance

4️⃣ Gather your community around your cause

Solid World Investor Letter β€” February 2023

Solid world joined the Climate collective, mentioned in the new book "Catching up to Crypto", and recently completed an audit with Dedaub.

Toucan Protocol's Perspective on how Crypto can be Good for the Planet

The blog post explores how as the foundations of blockchain technology become more sustainable - users, founders and developers are increasingly using it as a tool for good.

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Periods of sustained economic and societal instability inevitably lead to systemic points of inflection. Let us use this as an opportunity to incorporate ReFi in the redevelopment of our systems for the better.

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